Time to Break the Rules!

I've written a lot about making mistakes. I'm all for it. I've written about taking risks. Love them! I've written about stepping out of your comfort zone. Awesome! This post is purely about breaking the rules. Uh oh! Now, I'm not talking about breaking the law. Do not break the law! I'm talking about breaking social norms or "rules" that we all follow. And when I say break them, I mean, thinking differently, not accepting the norm as gospel but really start to challenge the beliefs we have of society. Start to see the limitations. It's almost like a shoot first ask questions later mentality.  DO! DO! DO!  

This really hit me when something ridiculous happened over my vacation. Me, my friends, and fiancée, Bridget, were getting a drink at a resort we were visiting but not staying at. I suggested we go swimming in their pool but then backed out because we were probably "not allowed." I thought we should get permission first. Bridget said, "We are not going to ask permission. They will tell us no. Let's do it and if they ask us to get out, we get out. Get in you big weenie" (ok I may have added that last part). I did not get in. I was a big ol' weenie. But, really, what was the worst that was going to happen? I look like an idiot? Hah! Ridiculous. But after I analyzed the hell out of it, as I tend to do, I realized I need to start breaking some "rules." 

And the biggest step to breaking rules, DO NOT WAIT FOR PERMISSION! Shoot first, ask questions later. Take a risk on your dream, your thoughts, love, growth, whatever! But do not wait for PERMISSION! You will get a big fat NO! It's just the way society is built. Follow the leader. And normally it stems from fearful, jealous, angry, people. They will say that it has already been done. Who are you to do it? Why are you different? You can't make money. Blah, blah, blah. But from what I have read and found out personally is that if you have a burning desire then you must shut the voices out and follow that big fiery heart.

We also need to start asking, "Why?" Why am I doing xyz? A few years ago I got a letter in the mail about a few hundred dollars worth of taxes that I allegedly owed from 5 years ago. I am insanely meticulous about my taxes, so, I called and asked what it was and why did I owe said amount. The person said, "Because you do. It says it on your invoice. The state says you owe it." Hmmm...right...but...why? "Because you just do!" Ohhhh. Of course. Because I just do. Fair enough here's my money, credit cards, soul, and Bridget...oh wait. NO! Hahahaha! We cannot accept "because you just do" as governing principle of life. It's nonsensical. But that's how a lot of people live. For us, it ends here.

We live by a set of unspoken rules that keep us nice, in line, and conformed to society. But now it's time to just DO. Think of what you do because that's just how things are. It's normal.  Well, that ain't cutting it.  Anyone who has had incredible growth and lived their dreams have broken the rules. They took rejection and brushed it off. They didn't even allow the idea of failure to enter their minds. If someone tells them to get out of the pool, they don't take it personally, they get out and find another pool. We need to stop accepting life "as is" and start creating it the way we want. Acceptance is death. It is laying down and calling it a day. It's safe. It's validating. It's a warm blanket that is familiar. But it's time to start doing! 

Get in the pool! Now! And if you have to, buy the whole damn hotel.

Here is a list of people who broke the rules and did not wait for permission:

1. US of Freaking A. Kind of committed treason and established this fine land.
2. The Wright Brother. Bike makers. Built the first plane. Wow.
3. Hellen Keller. I mean, can't see or speak and changed the world?! Yep.
4. Stephen King's first novel rejected 30 times.
5. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before the first lightbulb.
6. Steven Spielberg snuck onto the Universal Studios lot and personally handed his first film to a director to watch.
7. Sylvester Stallone was homeless.
8. Winston Churchill was defeated in every election until the age of 62 when he became Prime Minister.
9. Monet's impressionist style was mocked but he kept at it and today...boom!
10. Batman...well...I mean he's Batman.  

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