The Most Magical Storm of the Century

“I am sure there is Magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us” 

― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

It is the most magical storm of the century.

It is a rare time when the gods align the forces of heaven to culminate into a time window such as the one we are entering for the next two weeks.  Dramatic? Oh you bet your bottom it is. The Winter Solstice. Christmas. The Full Moon. The New Year. FAMILY! I mean, holy mother of God, you want to let some crap go? You want to shift your life? You want to scream to the universe you are ready to be all powerful and accept nothing less? Well, you are in luck. Now is that time.

What does this mean? It means if you are going to make this shift in your life, do it now, and make it count! Do not wait for the New Year to come like so many. Get the momentum now and have that BOOM you into 2016. Sooo much energy is pouring down, ready to lift you off into a completely different world, and all you have to do is act upon it.

There is also a lot of love and compassion surrounding all these forces. Some crazy periods like this can be quite raw and confronting. However, with this, there is a very tender, nurturing presence. It’s like if you were Cinderella. Up until now you’ve been working your butt off. Doing the best you can. Tired. Not much fun. Talking to Gus Gus. Still gracious but could use a boost. And then POOF, your fairy godmother arrives. Shocked, you don’t know what to do? Could life be this magical? And so, you do what you’ve been waiting to do for oh so long, you breathe. And then you weep. She puts your head in her lap, magic pouring over you, and you give yourself over to her love. You give yourself. And wouldn’t you know, you’re a princess. All it took was a little magic and whole bunch of heart.


Pick a time where you can be with yourself. Light a candle. Spend a few minutes alone. Get in touch with that big ol’ heart of yours. Let it breathe. It may be the first time in quite some time. Imagine magic pouring in. Let it loosen. And then release whatever it is you need to. Let someone/something hold YOU for once. You may be surprised what comes of it. Who knows, anything can happen. It’s a magical time of the year. Like, really, really magical.

And if your mind starts pooping on all of this as nonsense, well, now may be the best time to choose who you will be ruled by. Your mind. Or your soul.

Choose You. Choose Magic.

Have a magical holiday. This one is going to have a little more bippity boppity boo in it.

Bryce KennedyComment