The Force is Strong With This One

“Willpower defines realm.” 

- Toba Beta

Willpower. I should just end the post right there. I mean that's pretty much it. If you have the ability to unleash and ride your willpower, well, damn, you are king! 

The thing I'm finding out about willpower is that it takes cultivation. One must keep at it, everyday. Engage it. Love it. Feed it. Access it. 

And sometimes willpower is simply holding onto an idea, a hope, or a dream and pursuing it at all costs. Especially, when the chips are down. 

Willpower is no excuses. It says, "We will find a way. Do not quit. Do not stray. Be strong dear one. We are in this together." 

And don't get me wrong. Willpower doesn't have to be all explosions, and ass kicking. No, sometimes it's the ability to remain open, soft, and vulnerable when the world is testing the ever living hell out of us. 

Oh what a ride. Take willpower on that ride. Engage it for something you truly desire in your life. You won't be disappointed. 


Bryce KennedyComment