One of the main reasons Feng Shui changes people's lives

People grow. They change. Like the butterfly from the cocoon. It's exciting. Sometimes it's painful. But it's change. And change is the beauty of life. 

However, a lot of times, homes do not adapt to this new change. They stay "the same." They hold the old energy. The old emotions. The old beliefs of where the person was...before. 

It could be simply having clothes that don't feel good anymore. A couch that makes a person cringe. A painting from an uncle that they never liked. The paint may feel icky. A corner of the home is cluttered. Or it just may feel sad. 

And this doesn't allow the person to fully transition into this higher vibrational living. It's like working out while smoking cigars, drinking bacon fat, and guzzling a few liters of gasoline and wondering where the six pack abs are. 

There is no need to work that hard. The home is meant to be an ally. A lover. An inspirer. A promoter. A link to the universe. 

So how do you begin? Ask these three questions and your home will become an asset in the journey of life. 

1. Does everything inspire me?
2. Am I keeping anything out of guilt or fear?
3. Does this represent the best version of myself?

BOOM! Those are the secrets to Feng Shui. 

Also, here is a video regarding the power of intention. Oh mama, intention is a beast to a beautiful life!

Bryce KennedyComment