A brilliant email that changed everything...in one sentence.

Here is an email I receive every morning from this man, Jason Leister. It's great. It actually reminds me a lot of myself. SO I LOVE HIM! Ha, ha. He is very successful and writes some incredible stuff. Anyway, yesterdays really interested me and thought I would share it with you. Enjoy below:

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November 9, 2015
The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 59 Degrees

It seems like most humans in the developed world are afflicted with a severe case of IICOJ Syndrome. 

Often times, it's so bad that they don't even realize they have the virus. It's always there, it's always present, so much so that it has become the new normal. 

In case you've never heard of this virus, let me break down the acronym for you: 

"If I Could Only Just..." 

If you take the first letter of each word in the sentence above, the acronym should become clear: 

I.I.C.O.J. Syndrome

Back when I was a church musician, I thought "if I could only just" figure out a better way to make a living, I'd be set... 

Back when I was a tech consultant, I thought "if I could only just" figure out some way to break free of the trading time for money thing, I'd be set... 

Back was I started copywriting, I thought "if I could only just" figure out how to get better clients, I'd be set... 

Looking back, it's easy to see now that I voluntarily made myself a slave to this feeling. 

Granted that most everyone reading this has access to water, shelter and food, it's hard for any of us to argue we don't have "enough." Especially compared to many others who are not currently experiencing a similar fortune. 

But if you want a way to dramatically change your future and your life, then consider curing yourself of IICOJ Syndrome. 

It's a decision you make and a FEELING you cultivate. NOT curing yourself means you're up for a tough and miserable journey. 

What happens when you want MORE clients? You push them away. 

What happens when you want MORE money? You sound like a really ungrateful individual. 

What happens when you want something OTHER than what is? Well, that's my definition of insanity. And it's a great way to make yourself miserable too. 

I'm recovering from this "insanity" myself, so I'm not pointing fingers. Instead, I'm offering a hand. Just a little push so you take just a moment and figure out if you have this disease or not. 

For me, the disease was SO deep, I really forgot that it could be another way. 

So what is the feeling of "enough?" 

It's the feeling I create on purpose every morning when I wake up and repeat a very simple phrase: 

I am grateful for THIS. 


Editor, The Client Letter
Incomparable Expert

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