5 AMAZING tools for ENLIGHTENMENT! (Ok, maybe just feeling really awesome)


Here are 5 suggestions of different things that have really made a huge impact on my life. I highly recommend them:

1.  An amazing WORKOUT: Bodyweight app by Mark Lauren. Link HERE

I thought this was going to be just a silly app with stupid suggestions (you can see how much I love working out). I was incorrect. This app is a beast. It walks you through some tough but easily adjustable bodyweight exercises. It's fantastic. 

2. An amazing MEDITATION app: Cure Stress. Link HERE

I meditate. A lot. And it's important as hell to start your own. And there are all kinds of meditations out there but I think this one is an amazing starting point. The guys voice is mesmerizing. I may have fallen in love with it at one point I highly recommend it. 

3. An amazing WAY OF EATING: The Whole 30. Link HERE 

I love sugar. Processed foods. Carbs. And then I love to eat those when I'm reacting to something in my life. Stressful day? I need PIZZA! Nervous about work? Chocolate, NOW! What this way of eating does is creates, well, a very basic, way of living. No diet. No trying to lose weight. It's purely just to get your body back on track. To cut out the bad habits. To see what it feels like to have your body roar like a beast. I'm a big fan....most of the time. 

4. An amazing BOOK: The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. Link HERE

She is the author of The Secret. Now before you go and poo poo this, give it a chance. The whole book is on gratitude. And for all my years of studying transformation, this is one area I never gave that much credit to. I thought it was hippy nonsense. That is until a friend threatened to murder me unless I read this book. I read it. And, wow, gratitude. Holy smokes. I get it now. It's huge. But HUGER THAN HUGE. It's...wait for it...MAGIC.  I love this book because you can't escape it. She gives you a daily task. Do it. Don't quit. It's well worth it.  

5. An amazing transformation of your HOME: 4 Rules to Feng Shui by Bryce. See below.

Print this out. Do it. Don't crap out. If you do these 4 things to your home, well, you will explode. Life will BOOM. And you will be able to retire on the back of a unicorn while eating rainbow kisses drenched in fairy laughs.  Or you can go back to work. Either one. 


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