How to kick ass and take names

Good morning Sunshine!

We live by a set of unspoken rules that keep us nice, in line, and conformed to society.

But now it's time to DO. Think of what you don't do because unspoken rules. Blah. It's normal.  

Well, that ain't cutting it.  

Anyone who LIVES BOOM and embodies their dreams have broken the rules. They took rejection and brushed it off. They didn't even allow the idea of failure to enter their minds.

We need to stop accepting life "as is" and start creating it the way we want. Acceptance is death. It is laying down and calling it a day. It's safe. It's validating. It's a warm blanket that is familiar.

So, what do you do? You BOOM! You live your life. You take the "norm" and shove it in the toilet. This life is yours. Now GO ROAR!


Bryce KennedyComment