10 People Never Needed Permission To Kick Ass

Some people wait their entire lives for permission to live. Some people don't. Which are you?

Here is a list of people who did not wait for permission:

1. The U.S. of Freaking A. Kind of committed treason and established this fine land.

2. The Wright Brother. Bike makers. Built the first plane. Wow.

3. Hellen Keller. I mean, couldn't see or speak and changed the world?! Yep.

4. Stephen King's first novel rejected 30 times.

5. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before the first lightbulb.

6. Steven Spielberg snuck onto the Universal Studios lot and personally handed his first film to a director to watch.

7. Sylvester Stallone was homeless. Then saved the world...at least 20 times.

8. Winston Churchill was defeated in every election until the age of 62 when he became Prime Minister.

9. Monet's impressionist style was mocked but he kept at it and today...boom!

10. Batman...well...I mean he's Batman.  

Don't wait...Just BOOM!


Bryce KennedyComment