15 minute manifestation meditation that will change your life/THE WORLD

“Manifesting is simply seeing the path where you thought there was none.”

This is a 15 minute Manifestation Meditation. It’s very simple and yet, ridiculously powerful. I have found that manifesting is actually quite formulaic. It takes two incredibly important steps. 1. You must have a consistent, daily practice. 2. You must actually be able to feel what it is you want. If you get those two down, well, you’re set. How long is consistent? 3 months. Make a covenant with yourself to not quit in that period. Make this a giving to yourself. 15 minutes. Everyday. 3 months. No exceptions. No excuses.

Feeling! Ahh, now this is the tricky part. It’s key to feel the thing you want so deeply, so purely that you know it already exists. And this, dear friends, is why people quit with manifestation exercises. They can’t feel. They can think it. But they can’t feel it. And the truth is, feeling is a work in progress. It’s building a muscle. You wouldn’t walk into a gym, try to bench 400lbs, not be able to do it, and then quit because it’s stupid and doesn’t work. No! You would go to the gym until you accomplished your goal. Conquer!

There are two guidelines that I strongly suggest you follow upon beginning this daily meditation:  

  1. Begin each meditation by silently saying a word (or two) that describes you, at your deepest level. Love! Heart Roar! Fire! Ravishing! A word that is your essence. Something you are and that you want to bring into the world. Something from the most vulnerable and stunning place in your soul. By saying this every single time you meditate you are essentially creating an energetic platform from which to begin.. You’re gearing into where you left off. Pretty cool, right?

  2. Feel 5 things you are grateful for. Anything! It can literally be anything. But feel it. Mean it. It could be that you’re grateful for your life, parents, earth, magic, love. Or it could be, pumpkin spice lattes, hot showers, no traffic, a warm French baguette, Steve Jobs. Whatever! But, really mean it. 5 things. Everyday.

Now that we have those two down, you are free to do whatever you want in your meditation. And it can be multiple things over the course of the 15 minutes but definitely stick with core desires until they come to fruition. Here are several common examples that will help you.

Money- If you want more money, begin with an amount that is slightly higher than what you are earning now. Feel what it would like to have that money come in. See it. Love it. Let it be gold shimmering light surrounding you. Be like Scrooge McDuck and swim in it. Start to love the feel of money. It’s ok. It’s not a sin. The key here is to not figure out HOW this money is coming, but what it would be like to have it. DO NOT FIGURE OUT HOW! Just let the radiance of it fill you.

Love- With love, you want to feel like a damn king or queen. Like you deserve the absolute best. You are infinite. You are divine. You do not settle! You reach for the stars here. Like any man or woman would be lucky to have you. Far too often we think below our reach. Hoping that they will want us. Ha! NO! This is your meditation. Your life. See what it feels like to have someone that treats you like gold. Who holds you to your highest self. Who you can create unlimited potential with. Who you feel ridiculously powerful with and yet completely vulnerable with (still powerful, you’re just not closed off. You’re YOU!). 15 minutes a day. 3 months. Don’t forget.

Job/clients/agent- See above- Love. It’s the same thing. You want the best. Why not feel the best possible. Don’t figure out which job/client/agent. Don’t figure out how. Just feel how unbelievably amazing your life would be with the best of these things in it. Wow! Shatter the small thinking! Go big.

You- You have unlimited potential. You can do and be anything you want. Great. We know this. However, walking through life is easier said than done. So, sometimes it’s best to connect with someone else’s energy that you admire and embody a few of their qualities. If you like Meryl Streep’s acting abilities, work ethic, self-assuredness, great, feel that. Feel her qualities in yourself. How would she let people treat her? How would she handle a job? Anything you are struggling with, use her energy as a guide post. Maybe you like Tony Robbin’s determination and willpower. Or you admire someone else’s huge heart. What it would be like to be a confident Astronaut? Again, it doesn’t matter, just feel those qualities in yourself. It will work wonders. Soon enough, you won’t need those people. You will feel more and more of yourself. And BOOM! Then you are the purest power of all.

A few parting tips:

  • I have to say it again, CONSISTENCY. Do not miss a day. No matter how much you hate it. You are building a very powerful muscle that will serve you in so many things. Time to make life BOOM!

  • Be specific about your wishes. Who? How much? When? What color? Touch? Sound? A stadium? Applause? Feel! Feel! Feel every nook and cranny of what you want.

  • Do not worry about HOW it will work. We only know a teenie, weenie, micro-fraction, of a whisper of how things will work out. Let magic take place. Let it be bigger than you.

  • There will be good days and there will be bad days. Sometimes you will feel a lot. Sometimes you won’t. That’s just how this goes. It happens. Keep at it!

  • “Manifesting is simply seeing the path where you thought there was none.” It’s great to get everything we want. But what is more rewarding is seeing unlimited paths of potential in all directions. Great, you got a new BMW 3 series. But, how fun would it be to get one from your job travelling the world, blogging about new discoveries of real life magic (or whatever your cup of tea is). That is soooo much richer.

  • Share this meditation but don’t tell anyone what yours is. NO ONE! It’s important that it remains untouched by other people and their energy.

  • Last one, love the hell out of yourself for doing this. It’s ok to be your biggest cheerleader. No matter what you do. It’s really quite amazing to root for yourself.

Boom! Now go manifest the hell out of your life. Feel free to visit my website: boomfengshui.com or email me at brycetkennedy@gmail.com for more Boom in your life.


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