The Are of Exquisite Mistake

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

Fear of making mistakes is right up there with the big boys of true self-imprisonment.  And mistakes must be made. They must knock us down and they must sting. It's in our makeup. We like the struggle. We say we don't but deep down we do. If things were just handed to us I'm not sure A. we would trust them and B. we would enjoy them as much. And therein lies the irony of life but I digress. 

You have to make mistakes.  Trust me on this. It is one of the only ways that we learn and fast. It's like an express ticket to an incredible world of inner-power! You cannot live a safe life where nothing will hurt because guess what, life is hunting you down, searching for you, giggling like a little school girl thinking about the fun you're going to have. And it will find you. Better yet, if you think playing it safe is a sure bet let me ask you this, has life found you when you weren't ready? Has life upset you? No matter how hard you tried to play it safe? No matter how long you put things off? No matter how many excuses you had for not doing something? Did life come knocking at your door ready to play even if you had your mom tell it you weren't home. YES! Life found you and it was a rude awakening. It always is. So that's the beauty of the mistake. It's taking life back! 

You're going to get bruised and battered. Ya just are. And to that I say why not get bruised and battered making mistakes that you WANT to make. And enjoy the crap out of them.  Make them with your willpower.  And then after the mistake you standup, dust yourself off and laugh and know that you took ownership of it.  You chose to do it! Wow, how great would that feel? Not putting power in an outcome but rather putting power into loving the ever living heck out of yourself for trying! IT WOULD BE UNREAL. You get to try something new at life and be totally afraid but at the same time so proud of yourself for doing it! Now that's being alive. So much beauty in making a mistake. Who knew.

But, Bryce, would it be a mistake then if was as "beautiful" as you say? EXACTLY! No! How could it be a mistake? It's a word of judgment! Blahhh. You used willpower and heart to do something on your own terms. You have allowed yourself the joy of going for it! Damn the outcome! It's the "mistakes" that make up the journey. Leave judgment out. You did something amazing. Something human! Oh freewill, what a pleasure.

And please, when life comes knocking at your door, rush down the stairs, grab it by the hand and take it on a powerfully grand adventure!

Make life count. 

Bryce KennedyComment