The Missing Ingredient to Life: Your Mamajama!

Deep down, I believe, we have an idea of who we are and what we are. Like our truest, purest selves.  Where the brilliance is. Let's call it the soul, the light, or...the mamajama (I made that up). The mamajama is what tells you that you want to be an opera singer and that you have a deep love for high octane sports. Yet, you do neither of these. You're an accountant (only an example). You are unhappy. Your life is gray. You eat like crap. You watch a lot of tv.  However, during your life there were these brief moments when you felt that mamajama. When you knew in your core what your mamajama wanted. It was power! It was ROAR! It was light!  Ahh but you had a choice, feed it or stifle it. And you did like so many of us do, you stifled it. 

Cue a life of discontent.   

We stifle it because we have no idea what that mamajama is all about it. It goes against the definition we have of ourselves.  These definitions are simply constructions from hundreds or possibly thousands of years of societal beliefs that are pressed upon us at birth. We were given instructions on who and what we should be without ever getting a chance to figure out who and what we are.  We were told that anger is bad, shame and guilt are normal, parents know best, money is evil but we need more of it, and success is quantifiable. Boom, welcome to the world kid. Here's your instruction manual. 

And this is precisely why people seek change. They want the mamajama! To live it daily!  But you must remember, you have been operating under a set instruction manual for decades. These instructions, although incorrect, have become habit. They are ingrained. They are from your parents, your friends, your peers, everyone but you! What do you think will happen when you begin swimming against the complacent current of society? It's going to hurt like hell.  Life is going to test you. It's going to push you. It's going to see how much you want it. But once you get a taste of YOUR instruction manual, YOUR mamajama, you will then know with every fiber of your being that you can never go back. You are now driving a Porsche 911 Turbo and can finally throw away the 1989 Hyundai Sonata's instruction manual.

So what's the take away? Get the mamajama! And to do that? Write out who you are. What you like. Make a list of stuff that makes up you.  Don't judge it. Let it be sick and fun and generous and heartbreaking. BUT MAKE IT YOU! Give yourself a break. You've had the wrong instructions your entire life.  You may not even know you had mamajama. It will take time. You will fall. But remember, each step you take against the old instruction manual is a step closer to the real you. This is a battle. But my God, how exciting is it to be able to walk with strength and knowingness. No more definitions. No more crappy manual. No more judgments.

Your true power. 

Your mamajama!

Bryce KennedyComment