Forget the Life Agenda

It's good to have goals, hopes and dreams. I have mine, a house made out of my mom's banana cream pie, win an academy award, be a published author, and have a cat named Plum. Those are amazing and important. However, an Agenda is slightly different. An Agenda has a timeline. It has societal pressures. It has a whisper of fear backed by judgment. It also has no room for adjustments, change. And if you read my other post, you would know change is inherent in our world and that "the only constant in life is change." The Agenda is one big resistant piece of garbage that will only cause an incredible amount of strife in your life.

In high school, this was my Agenda: college, law school, girlfriend, marry her, buy a house, kids, die. And I had a very concrete timeline to my agenda. Ohhh, but wouldn't you know life scoffed at my Agenda and gave me this: graduated high school, college, moved to LA to pursue acting, moved, went to law school in Miami, transferred to DC, then Chicago, girlfriend, DID NOT MARRY, lost hair, lived in Uncle's attic in Philly, wept, then moved to NYC with generous younger brother, waiter, lawyer, acting school, lawyer again, blog, ENGAGEMENT, BlueJay, destruction of all cat Plum yet.

And you know what! Throughout that entire journey, up until the end, there was needless suffering. I loathed it. I battled daily, monthly, yearly to follow the Agenda but as fate would have it, the Agenda was defeated and the Universe won. It had to or I would have died a slow and miserable death.

The key is simply this: if there is a battle you aren't winning with the Agenda, give it up. Let your life be bigger than any Agenda.  Forget the societal timeline and goals. Who made those up anyway?  Allow yourself to be surprised by the incredible possibilities that lay ahead, ones you had no freaking idea could even be a reality. It's so silly to hold tightly to an Agenda that may actually be so incredibly constricting. It's terrifying to let go but ohhh man, the magic that follows, BOOM!

My new Agenda: Forget the timeline and love the hell out of my current life....and my non-existent cat Plum (Bridget you need allergy medicine, stat).


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