The Lost Art of Fun

"I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it."
- Rita Mae Brown

FUN MUST BE HAD BY ALL! This crazy journey on this weeeee lil planet is supposed to be an experience and most importantly fun. Often times we take this life so seriously that we forget what fun is.  We forget that fun is here, waiting for us.  It is a hidden muse.  Ohhh yes, fun is a muse and she wants to play.  It is simply our choice to engage or not.  Yes, it is a choice.

Well how do I have fun at a job I hate? Or in a situation that sucks? Maybe it's simply this, redefine what fun is to you. Can fun be stuck in traffic laughing your butt off to Howard Stern? Can fun be talking to a zany relative amazed at what they are saying? Can fun be taking a lunch break and dipping Wendy's french fries into a frosty?  Can fun simply be breathing deeply into your lungs?  Yes.  That's it.  It's so damn simple that it's scary.

See, fun doesn't have to be big. This is where we go wrong. We think fun has to be this incredible once in a lifetime experience.  Something different from the ordinary. Ah, but there's the muse's most beautiful trick. It's not.  It IS the ordinary. I mean look, we are all going to be stuck in traffic or in jobs we don't always love, or at events that seem to suck our souls, the key is to just find something and have fun, laugh, imagine, dream, freaking enjoy it. We are beasts made for fun!

Lastly, when you do find the fun, do not put a time stamp on it!  You will suck the fun out immediately.  "Ohhh my, this sunset is melting my soul into the eternal bliss of humanity...ohhh wait, I have to feed the cat soon or it will poo in my suitcase."  NO! Cat poo can wait. IT CAN ALL WAIT!  Enjoy that fun as much as you can! Freaking become it, go deep. Because guess what, it will all be over one day. Make the small things huge!!! 

Remember 4 things:

1. Enjoy the little things as if they were big things. You may not be able to change your situation but you sure as hell can have fun in it.  I've had more fun screwing around on my friend's farm then I had when I was in the throes of Carnival in Cádiz, Spain. 

2. Do not judge the lifespan of your fun.  An ice cream cone on a Wednesday afternoon can be just as fun as having ice cream in Paris.  (Your body doesn't know the difference and you don't have to deal with the French.)

3. Give yourself permission to have fun. Yep, permission. A lot of us feel that we shouldn't enjoy ourselves. We don't deserve it. I don't have the perfect job. No fun! I don't have the perfect body. No fun! I'm poor. No fun! Give me a freaking break. Let's cut the need for suffering and martyrdom. Just bloody enjoy yourself!

4. PRACTICE the ever loving crap out of this. This doesn't just happen over night. So practice. And when stuff goes wrong, breathe, laugh, and realize that at the end of all of this, it's just one big goofy experience.

Mary Poppins says it best:

In every job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and snap!
The job's a game,  
And Don't blow this life by being a sourpuss and worrying about cat poo
Something, something spoon full of sugar...



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