Stand Tall My Friend

“I’m 6’3”, but you would think I was Napoleon’s height because I’m slouched over with poor posture, and I have a lust for conquering Europe.” 

-Jarod Kintz

How do you carry yourself? Do you walk tall? Do you slouch your shoulders? Do you melt into a chair slumped over? Or do you puff your chest way out?  Today I noticed my posture and how it adjusts every time I do something differently.  When I'm in meditation/energy work/ listening to clients, my body is fully engaged ready to fight for the soul of humanity (just a tad dramatic). However, when I tend to do contract legal work I notice I am slouched over feeling poopy and sorry for myself.  The beauty in all of this is that your mood, your outlook, and your vibration shifts the minute you engage your core and sit up straight. Almost immediately! You are aligning your spine, opening up your your lungs, heart, and rooting yourself in the ground.

And when you walk! Notice how you hold yourself.  Walk with power, pride, and command the sidewalk with YOU!  When you talk to people, i.e., friends, enemies, or "authority" figures. Are you rounding your shoulders? Or do you intentionally puff that chest out.  Really become aware. What you want is a beautifully neutral position powerfully engaged

The Key: Imagine a string running through your body and out through your head.  Now imagine that string pulling the head up and along with it your spine- uncompressed. It's actually growing and spreading allowing for more space, more you!  Relax your shoulders. Don't push them back and don't push them forward. Chin not too high in the air. Neutral. And feel everything spread.  Here you regain your power. Your being. SPREAD! 

I'm 6.05 ft tall.  I plan on being 6.1 by the end of this experiment. Maybe even 7ft tall if I really trust the process...and definitely a lust for conquering Europe. 


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