Sometimes You Just Gotta Soak

“A warm bath is what I will miss most when the zombie apocalypse strikes.” 

― Sir. Bryce Thomas Kennedy

Oh how I used to love bath time when I was younger.  A treasure trove of imagination and possibility.  I could be on the surface of the moon, floating or lost in a mountainous snowstorm of Mr. Bubble.  The bath, you were good to me old friend.  That is until I "grew up" and started taking showers. Baths were for kids.  They were dirty.  Lame.  Granted I get my best thinking done in a shower but the bath and I, well, that's where magic happened.  

And now...30 years later, I'M BACK!  

The bath to me is an art form.  If done properly, you can soak the troubles of the world away by melting in a pool of watery bliss. Step it up a notch with a candle, Yankee Harvest of course.  Put on a song of monks chanting, Kenny G, or a ballad from SlipKnot.  And why not? Baths have been promoted for restorative health for thousands of years.  Next to sleep, baths are so incredibly good to rejuvenate and begin anew.  But to really add an extra benefit, get epsom salt. Pour that puppy in and let it help detox you from the world.  It will open you up, ease muscle tension, suck out toxins, and a whole veritable list of awesomeness.  I don't take a bath to cleanse my body. I take it to cleanse my ...wait for it...SOUL! Boom.  You knew it was coming.  

Anyway, if you're feeling just a little out of sorts, a little beat, sore, toxic, heady, or just good ol' fashion crappy, dip that bod in a gentle magical pool from the Gods.  

Dear Mr. Bubble, though your name is creepy, I'm really looking forward to taking a nice long soak with you again and catching up.



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