“It’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it.”

-Lena Horne

The funniest thing happened to me on Saturday.  Bridget and I went to see a play.  We were in the back of the house.  Actually the very last row in the back of the house.  Our view was almost completely blocked by the row in front of us due to the positioning of the seats in the BACK OF THE HOUSE! Irritation set in. I of course tried breathing, I tried laughing, I tried singing Disney songs inside my head but the fact remained, bitchy Bryce was not pleased, not pleased at all.  That was until the woman next to me (same crappy view) asked the usher if there were booster seats that would prop us up and allow us to see the stage more clearly.  Booster seats! What? And there were!! Little pillows of heaven.  All I had to do was ask.

Ask! Ask for help.  Ask for help with advice, ideas, love, cheaper prices, his or her number, and again, HELP!  It's ok.  Because 9 times out of 10 a problem that is wasting your time and energy could so easily be rectified in a matter of seconds.  SECONDS!  And if you didn't like their answer, ASK AGAIN.  No need to take it personally.

And please, get your judgment out of the way!  Your pride!  You fear of how you will be perceived or whatever it is that's blocking you.  Ask.  Why shoulder the weight of the world with a problem that I'm sure at least one of the seven billion people on this planet has had and can help you with.  No need to be a martyr.  I've already cornered that market.

And lastly, the biggest one of them all,  ask for help from the Sources that be.  Whether it be God, Universe, Angels, Higher Self, Energy, your gut, heart, a lucky Batman figurine. You'll be surprised who/what is listening. Help will come. And help may simply come in the form of a beautiful song, a smile, a lovely quote, a hug, a cry, a call from an old friend, or learning how to smother yourself in self-love.  The answers are always there, they really are, you just need to ask. 

Just ask.  Don't let hours, days, lifetimes go by because either you are too stubborn or you simply forgot to ask for help. It's there, waiting...

Like a little pillow of heaven boosting you over the crowd, showing you a whole new perspective.



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