“We must be careful with our words – we’re like superheroes and words are like our super powers. Super powers should always be used to help others…” 
― Dianna Hardy

Man, I used to be fast and loose with my words.  Dangerous at times.  I knew exactly where to shoot a word for a death blow to an enemy.  I was good. The reason? Because I used the same verbal bullets on myself.  Shot them right in my own heart from my own gun. No one else did, it was me.  "Failure, weak, stupid, powerless...."  Those were my favorites. And because I knew how they felt plunging into my soul, I knew exactly where to slide them into people's backs, brains, and hearts.  

The word is IT!  It can limit or it can enhance.  It can share breathtaking beauty or breathtaking ugliness.  Each word that we utter is a little pulse that signals to the Universe what we are and what we expect to come into our lives.  So tread lightly when you talk about yourself and others. Be wary of gossip, self deprecation, belittling, anything that cuts at the soul of humanity.  Here is a good test: Does this add to love and light in this world?  Choose wisely.

The other day, I was in Chipotle and I thanked the guy (Alberto) so very much for throwing in an extra hot sauce in my to-go bag because I always forgot to ask for more.  I told him he was my official guy and I would never betray him by going to another burrito artist. We laughed. Obviously nothing extraordinary but it turns out...maybe it was.  As I was paying Alberto looked at me and said, "It's when people are grateful for the small things that I get the most pleasure out of this job. You made my day, Thank you."  Alberto, you son of a bitch! Come on! You can't make me tear up in the middle of Chipotle and who the hell says that???  I mean I say that but Alberto! Don't you throw that back at me.  I got it. 

Such simple, powerful words and they hit hard.  It could have been my arteries shutting down from the 10lbs of burrito with extra hot sauce I just consumed but I would like to think it was the exchange I had with Alberto..that wise sage. 

The key is to begin using different words on yourself.  EVERY SINGLE WORD. Start building YOU UP!  And when you do that's when you'll start wanting to spread those words to others. You want to tell them they are worth it.  You want to share with them that they are freaking amazing and you are so proud of them for overcoming adversity and kicking ass in this life.  

So here I go:  Thank you all so very much for reading this blog. It is written from my heart and I hope it pours into yours.  And by damned you are worth it! 



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