“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.”

― Rumi

Dance!  When you dance…oh boy. All bets are off. You tap into a primal freedom. It’s unreal.  Or so I hear. The picture at the top accurately depicts what I go through when I dance. Robotic gyrations, lots of movement with my tongue, and on the whole a very tight belly.  People clench their bellies when they feel fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, or when they’re trying to show off (like my dancing). The problem is a clenched belly is an unhappy belly.  It restricts us from proper digestion, breathing, trust, self-confidence, power, vision, pretty much the crux of why we live.  

Here’s the key, LET GO.  Stop gripping it so tightly and just let that big boy out. Let it breathe.  Let it laugh.  Let it have fun. Let it have fire, passion, and confidence. Tightness stops us from being able to handle what life throws at us.  Being tight and rigid means that we will break like a house of cards in the wind. Instead, DANCE! Move and be fluid to the music of life.    

I got on the subway the other day.  My belly had been ridiculously tight because I had let my mind wander on some ridiculous subject. When I regained my presence I noticed that no one else was on my subway car.  It was completely empty in the middle of the day (never happens).  And then this random thought popped in my head… DANCE in the empty car!  Ugh. Come on!  No! That’s the message I get from the Universe? To dance? So, I was like, “well, I write this blog, I have a business based on personal empowerment, I better take my own advice.” And I got up and danced a bit. Just some hip movement. Nothing much. And I was like, fine, I’m done. I did it ok! Well, that wasn’t good enough for the Universe.

The next stop… NO ONE GOT ON, again.  Are you kidding me?  I knew what I had to do, I had to commit more.  Really make sure I was uncomfortable.  So I put on a good song (Jump by the Pointer Sisters) and danced up and down the car. Nothing too crazy but I did it. Ok, great, we’re done and for the love of God would someone get on the damn subway.  I had one last stop to go and once again…


One of the busiest stops in all of Manhattan and no one got on.  ”I get the point!” I shouted out loud.  And then I committed.  And I DANCED!  Up and down that subway car. I danced hard.  I took my cue, unclenched and danced! 

The subway pulled in, I got off, sweaty and felt.. absolutely free.  My belly was one big energetic pool of love, fire, and passion.  I fed it. I could have climbed up Mt. Kilimanjaro backwards while reciting Charles Dickens in Latin if I was asked to.  

We should listen to our belly.  It knows what it wants. If it wants to dance on a subway car in the middle of the afternoon, you better dance. It will take you to unbelievable places.

Unclench that belly. Let it live.  And for crying out loud, DANCE!

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