“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” 

- Alan Watts

It’s time for a change.  A big, big change!

I am officially announcing my incredible new company, BlueJay!  What is BlueJay?  Well, BlueJay is about being a beast we are meant to be!  In the Native American tradition, the blue jay represents power, clarity, ferocity, vibrancy and love. Through group or one on one sessions that’s what I help my clients achieve.  Here is the blurb from my website:  

"…(I) have created a unique approach to bring about a revolution of personal transformation. A vibrational shift for the soul.  It allows you to live fully in the here and now; for any situation and in any location.  BlueJay is energetic, spiritual, grounded growth for every aspect of life. 

…(I) was mindful of constructing a practical and rational method for personal empowerment. A method that allows you to break through the energetic bricks in life.  A brick is a block you have, heavy and hard, that prevents energy from allowing you to access your truly unlimited potential. In short, BlueJay focuses on reclaiming your Power, having total Clarity, and beginning NOW. “

I am extremely excited about this.  I have been working hard to come up with a method that is a perfect balance of spirituality, being grounded, and having an actionable plan to conquer life.  Hmmm…interesting.  But what do you call yourself now Bryce?  Ohhhh you’ll love it.  I’m a Brick Breaker!  When a client comes to me, we spend time figuring out what bricks (blocks/beliefs) they have that prevents them from going through life and kicking butt!  Then we blast through them!  I help the person regain their power and live life exactly on their own terms.  Pillaging and plundering the Universe.  Haha, ok, maybe not the Universe but at least this world. #bethebluejay

That’s about it.  I  wanted to announce it and let you know that I will be linking this to the website.  www.bethebluejay.com

Be the BlueJay!!! 


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