“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” 

― Meister Eckhart

I get Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes every single Christmas.  And every single Christmas I am absolutely surprised and eternally grateful for this nutritious nectar of the Gods.

Being grateful in life is just good ol’ fashioned wonderfulness. Being grateful you can walk through life with a huge open heart, loving every moment and everyone. Almost every single teaching on earth, nay…dare I say, EVERY single teaching on earth focuses on gratitude as one of the fundamental principles.  BUT (and it’s a big but), knowing this doesn’t always make it easier in life. There have been times when Hell had actually risen, walked up six flights of stairs and came to my door just to knee me in the groin, repeatedly.  I wasn’t exactly grateful in that moment.  But I survived and I grew (always learn a lesson when Hell knocks on your front door) and guess what…you got it, GRATEFULNESS!  But here is WHY we must be grateful:

We must learn to be grateful NOW, in this moment, for if we don’t, we will miss our dreams coming true. Miracles that existed just for us will disappear without an ounce of recognition.  Not because they didn’t manifest, but because we weren’t trained to see them.  Love the “small” things because when the “big” things come, oh man, your heart may just explode.

Gratitude is that training!  We have to learn this new behavior.  It’s not like suddenly when our dreams come true we become grateful. WE WON’T KNOW THEY CAME TRUE if we can’t be grateful for the little things first. People hold out for the future to be grateful.  ”Oh, when I’m living in a mansion with tiny elephants and a harem of cheeseburger chefs at my disposal, then I shall be grateful, but for now, no gratitude for you!”  There is only the NOW. 

How cool is that?  Learning how to be grateful.  It’s a muscle like everything else.  It needs to be exercised.  Strengthened. And when you do train and you are grateful for the entire journey of this wacky life, my God, that is where the breathless beauty of heaven and earth meet.  Makes me tear up a bit.

Oh Gratitude, you sexy beast.  If I wasn’t engaged…



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