The Missing Instruction Manual to Our Body: Part 2, A Tip for Life

“I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music.” 

― Albert Einstein

Be that daydream. Live that daydream.  Taste and feel and breathe that daydream.  That’s the beautiful reality which you can wrap yourself in.  What is reality but a perception of how we view the world.  So why not view it as a daydream.  Set your vibration higher.  Daydream to unparalleled heights! For crying out loud this is YOUR LIFE.  Choose your reality.  Worrying does nothing but tell the Universe, “Hey Universe, you’re wrong. I know better than you (then kick imaginary dirt in It’s eye).” Hah, ooooh boy, I’d be careful on that one.   Stop poisoning yourself with toxic thoughts and habits.  Catch yourself when you start heading down that primrose path of destruction. 

Catch yourself.  That is the key. Catch yourself.  Then breathe. Readjust those wacky thoughts and conquer them.  As I’ve said before, we are lucky, we were born with willpower, so for the love of everything holy, engage it!

And why the hell not?

Your thoughts are an investment into YOU.  They are.  Think about it.  You can sit there and think about the doom and gloom of life and essentially seal your fate.  You will have an itty bitty view of the world that eventually will become your prison. Or…OR!!!! You can invest those thoughts, those words that nourish your soul, that say, “Hey Universe, this is not easy, but I will use these hiccups of life to become stronger. I am prepared to live my life on my terms with no boundaries! And I will die trying!”  And maybe you will, but you also lived.

Invest in YOU!  Invest with nourishment for the brain, the body, and the soul. My oh my, it does get fun once we get the instructions to this body and mind. 

Page 33. Section C. Paragraph 2. of the Instruction Manual to the Body:

- Invest in yourself as if your life depended on it.  It most certainly does.  Now LIVE!



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