Goodness gracious it has been a heck of a year! 2014 you sneaky gal you. What the heck happened? Sometimes you were the most loving, kind, beautiful year I have ever experienced. Other times you were...ohhh boy...just brutal. Sometimes I wanted to take a coal shovel to your face.  But that was you, 2014.  And I love you for it. And I am grateful.  I have survived. We have survived! Hurrah!  But we have done much more than survived, we have grown!  Think about it, get goosebumps about how much you have grown.  In 2013, you couldn’t have done half the thing you did in 2014. You would have crashed and burned.  But in were ready.  And do not judge what you did NOT do in 2014. That is silly. Look at what you DID do. Let that be success! My God, you did it. WE DID IT! And this isn’t some pie in the sky nonsense. NO! This is your success! March strong in 2015 knowing what you did in 2014. Wow. Just wow.  

Here is a list of things I want you to take into 2015. I want you to remember these, forever.

1. FUN! For the love of God just have FUN. Life is fun. It is meant to be fun. Don’t wait for the right time to have fun, have it now. Read a book, laugh at a stupid movie, smell flowers, daydream! But for crying out loud, have fun.

2.  INTENTION.  Start everyday and everything you do with an intention. Say it from your heart, not your mind. You set your intention on something and boom, you are in the drivers seat. Enough of this nonsensical notion of having no control in life. It’s your life!

3. CHOICE. Believe it or not you have a choice in everything you do. EVERYTHING.  I’m not saying there aren’t consequences but don’t act like you don’t have a choice. You’re not a weiner are you? NO! You have a choice to LIVE.

4. BREATHE, WATER, NO PHONE. Every morning, do those.  PLEASE! That’s it.

5. LOVE YOURSELF.  My number one rule. It’s soooo hard to do this but it is the rule. You start embracing you. You start backing you. You start feeling worthy of your limitless potential and possibility and wow, you will heal the world...and yourself.  Not one single person is better than you. Smother your heart in love!

6. WORDS. Watch your words, they are powerful beasts. How do you speak about yourself? Others? Are you toxic? Are you gossipy? Are you always analyzing other people and yourself? Or do you use your words as empowerment? Do you use them to spread love. To help. EMPOWER!

7. SYNCHRONICITY. It exists. It is magic. Boom! Start seeing the wacky coincidences in your life. Take them. Laugh to yourself about them. Do not dismiss them! Simply say a quiet “thank you” and be on your way. I’m telling you, this makes life a heck of a lot more fun.

8. WHY THE HECK NOT? Well, why not? Why can’t you have the life you dream of? Why can’t you be everything you deserve? I’m telling you this right now, there is no reason to dismiss your dreams and happiness.  Every time you are about to poo poo an idea for joy and happiness, you say, “Wait a sec, why not me?” And then go do it.

9. FEEL IT. It is soooo important to feel what you are feeling. It is a gift. It is only judgment that clouds it all up. It makes it “wrong.” Feeling it is the fastest way to healing. There are times where I have an anger inside me that feels like a thousand burning suns.  And after I feel it, I feel light. I feel refreshed. I feel me!  FEEL!

10. ASK FOR HELP. I don’t care who or what you believe in, ask for help. You must ask and ask from truth. From your heart. Help will come. It may not be what you think it is but it will come. Just be open. The funny thing is that in this life, help is begging to help. It wants to so badly, we just forget to ask. ASK!

Bonus:  NEVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP! I beg you. Fight to live. To love. To breathe. To cry. To laugh. To rage. To hurt. Do not go grey and cut life out. Life is worth fighting for. Growth is tough. Man is it tough but it is worth it. In 2015 I want you to join me, join me in digging my heels into the ground, roaring like a primal beast, claws out, tears streaming down my face, heart boldly open, exposing to the world what I am, what I want, and what I am willing to die for.  


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