Why is trust so hard?

Trust is a big boy. Trust is soooo very difficult to achieve and yet so easy to lose.  And why? Because we all want to trust so badly that if anything rattles the cage we throw our hands up in the air and say "this is baloney, I'm out. I'll never trust anything again." Trust is vulnerability, insecurity, love, fear, passion all wrapped into one. And trust means that you are putting faith in yourself! Ahhhh!

Major Rule: Trust in YOU! 

This is why trust is so hard. You are hitting on multiple, huge emotions at once, in YOU.  I mean me personally, when one of those emotions got hit, it would send me spiraling out of control, let alone all of them.  So, if you find yourself having a difficult time trusting, anything, give yourself a break, you're coming up against some heavy stuff.

The good news is is that you are coming up against some heavy stuff.  You are getting a chance to really push through some major blocks in your life. Trust is an opportunity! Trust is a gift! If you fully commit and trust in you, I mean wow, you just kicked through some major energetic walls. And here is the key, it doesn't really matter what the result is. All that matters is that you gave yourself permission to fully trust in something. Of course, be cautious of the scoundrels out there that want to take advantage and betray that trust. But don't get huffy if situations didn't work out as you had "trusted" they would. Let's not be so short sited. We have no idea what kind of effect that will have on our life down the road. Being distrustful of life is a terrible way to live.

Lastly, trust is important because you really start to develop your own intuition. Your gut feeling. And that's what trust is, that gut feeling. Yes, you may trust your gut a few times and you get hurt but that's no reason to stop. You didn't stop riding your bike when you fell down multiple times. No, you got stronger, you learned, and then... you trusted. 

For me, the one thing I trust implicitly is that I know I will never give up the quest for a better me, to expand, to grow. I will die trying. I really will.

Start putting a little trust in yourself.  Nurture it. Trust!

Bryce KennedyComment