How to release guilt and shame

Guilt and shame are very good friends of mine. I call them GS. GS has been around for years with me. Ohhh how I love GS.  When I'm feeling particularly good, GS pops up to say hello and remind me that I shouldn't feel good because of past awful deeds. Oooohhhh my. When I was little I had trouble learning how to tie my shoes and telling time. GS was there to point out my twin sister could do it better. Bad grade in college? GS was there. Washed cars in the dead of winter to make money for my senior prom. GS was there to keep me warm. GS has been kind enough to replay my "errors" over and over and over again so I never forget. In fact, if I let GS, he would remind me of pretty much everything I have ever done and probably would have for the rest of my life.  Ohh but GS and I are on the outs. I decided to bid GS adieu. 

Guilt and shame are destructive mofos. They will run your life and cripple any chance of you living your dreams. And guess what, it's all a bunch of nonsense.  Does that mean we can just go around and do "bad" things? No. It does not. Instead it means you have to sack up and truly deal with the repercussions. GS is an avoidance mechanism. It's a way to punish you twice. It is control.  It must end. Pay the piper, absolutely. But self-destruction, no! 

So how to release it?

1. Intent.  Intent is the greatest weapon of all.  Ohhh intent is a godsend. Here is what I do.  I sit with myself when GS has reared its ugly head and I start reliving my actions. I start to see where I need to make amends. I see what I need to work on personally. I accept the repercussions, I feel it and then I ask for it to be released. And sometimes I have to repeat this multiple times. Depends how strong the GS is. But instead of just accepting a life of self-punishment I choose to man-up and change and not crumble into a pool of depression and crap.

2. Burn it. Sometimes I need to write it all out. Write out exactly what GS is making me feel. All the gunk. "I am disgusted by my actions. I am weak. Why do I have to eat so much Domino's Hawaiian pizza? I am sad, angry...because of xyz." Write it out. It can be anything or anyone that is energetically lodged in your system. But WRITE it, not type it. And write it from your heart. Real emotion. Not your head. And use intent again. Put it all into that writing. And then...burn the paper. Offer it up to the Gods! Let them see you taking ownership and releasing it once and for all.  Really trust it and allow it to be this amazing catharsis.

3. Scream! Similar to burning, you need to purge. Scream all that crappy energy out. Scream in out into a pillow. Or the night sky. Scream from within and let the fires of your heart and belly consume all that negative, toxic energy. PURGE!!! 

A lot of people poo poo these tactics. I did. I thought it should be harder. I mean guilt and shame have been my buddies. I love them. It's how I punish myself twice.  But that's the thing about our lives, it is meant to be easy! It really is. It is meant to be a life of beauty and experiences. And we will experience it all, pain, love, joy, fear, vulnerability, but it doesn't mean you need the companions of insanity with you (guilt and shame). No. You do you. You don't need those guys chiming in.  Life is pretty darn cool when you think about it. Allow it, embrace it and claim your right to LIVE!!!


And if you ever want help on releasing this gunk, quieting the mind, or reclaiming your inner power, contact me. It is what I do best.  Feel free to schedule a workabout (like a walkabout but with work).  We can do it over phone, in person or in skype. Skype is fun, things get real!   Visit to schedule an appointment today. 

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