What if You did Your New Years Resolution NOW!?

I love my New Years resolutions. Oh how I love 'em.  And I I set some really good ones. And of course I hold off on starting them until after the New Years. I mean it is called a New Years resolution. I'm not going to start now, that's idiotic.  So what I traditionally do up until then is in fact the opposite of a resolution, it's destruction!  Cookies, parties, layers of ice cream sandwiched between brie cheese with a hint of ranch dressing all in a giant edible bacon bowl.  But I'll start after New Years.  


I say this year we get a little nuts and do it now! There is no "I'll do it after the holidays" baloney.  We strike now, while the iron is hot.  There is something really cool about going into a new time, a new season, a new period of life with all pistons firing and guns a blazin'. It goes back to what I say, momentum, momentum, momentum.  There are plenty of studies why resolutions fail by February and frankly I don't give a flying poo.  What I do care about is that I will have so much momentum behind me that when that brick wall comes I will be able to lower my shoulders and go full body slam through it and keep on truckin'...because mama's got MOMENTUM!

So join me and make your New Years resolution now and begin immediately. Can you imagine the force and energetic badass you'll be when the year begins. It just makes me tremble with excitement.  

My New Years resolution starting today...Finish the book by Jan 1st and begin my weekly Saturday Spiritual Mashup classes...and stop using splenda in my coffee (God, I love it).  

What's yours? 

Bryce KennedyComment