Why the F@$K NOT?

Really, that's what everyone should ask themselves every time self-doubt pops up. Why the f@$k not?  Well? Why the f@$k not?  Why not me? Why in God's name should I not experience a life the way I want.  Is there something that makes me different than others? Are they better than me? Are my insides different than everyone else's? ABSOFREAKING NOT! There is no reason. No reason you can't do it.  There have been times when doubt has poured in at a crushing pace and I almost backed out but then...I said...WHY THE FUCK NOT! And then I do a big belly laugh up to the sky and roar!!! I do this because I know any doubt or fear or blah, blah, blah is just plain nonsense.  I am meant to conquer. I am meant to live a life free of suffering. I am meant to live! Don't forget, this is yours.  Let that sink in. This life is no one else's but yours. Wow, how cool is that!

I have WTFN written on a post card by my bed and on my dresser. Just a reminder because my brain likes to forget that I AM A BEAST! So next time you're afraid, you feel unworthy, you are about to back out...just pause...smile to yourself...start laughing and then say, "Why the fuck not!!!" And then jump!

And now I am jumping... into the second incarnation of my business. I have grown it, unleashed it, let it explode.  I am in the personal transformation business.  I focus on the alignment of three elements: mind, body, and spirit. This is where transformation can truly be lasting and magical. Often times, when these are out of whack, we let external forces dictate how we live. No more. The technique is called BlueJay. It is a powerhouse.  I invite you to check out my site, bethebluejay.com.  It has been gutted and it is more Bryce! OHHH IT'S MORE BRYCE!

The blog posts are going to start kicking up in frequency, so hold on to your hats.  Also, I am adding Skype consultations to my business.  So let's get nuts and live how you deserve! Thank you for all your support.  And unleash that inner badass.

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