Do You Give Yourself Permission?

Alright, right now, take a second, and close your eyes and turn your attention inward. Just feel your body inside.  And don't give me that baloney and think that you are going to do it later. Do it now!  

So what do you feel? Tightness? Excitement? Anxiety? Knot in your throat? Fear? Love? What is it?  Just feel it. No thinking. No analyzing. Just feel. Now if there is tightness, I want you to start breathing. Just breathe. Let the air flow through your body. Picture a golden light. Allow it to seep into the tight spots.  Give yourself permission to feel amazing.

We as a species hold a lot of tension in our bodies. We can be anxious, fearful creatures. A lot of times it's because of a deep yearning, a need for fulfillment, that "once I get this I'll be happy" mentality.  And thankfully, it does not work that way.  And it doesn't work that way because we are meant to feel AMAZING! We aren't meant to have our innards all wrapped up in knots. Yes, of course we will feel angry, sadness and the rest but twisting and turning and hurting our insides is ridiculous. That's the opposite of feeling. That's resistance. 

The cure is simple... give yourself permission to feel. Give your self permission to have fun. Give yourself permission to love. Give yourself permission to live in amazing bliss...even if you haven't quite reached that silly goal yet.  

All that matters is the now and you are allowed to be free to enjoy.  I give you permission. 

Bryce KennedyComment