Sometimes You Just Gotta Say Thank You

I hate saying thank you. I loathe it.  It's weird, right? But the truth is that it makes me feel vulnerable, exposed and open to a person that has just given to me.  It doesn't mean that I'm not eternally grateful. It's actually quite the opposite, I am ETERNALLY grateful.  You have just made a stamp on my heart that I will remember forever. I will go to war with you if you asked. I will go into the fiery pits of hell with you.  But saying thank you, uhhh not my thang.  Hahaha, truthfully I actually do say thank you, a lot, it's just hard sometimes. The point of me bringing this up is because I think a lot of times we forget to say thank you to people that are in our lives secretly helping behind the scenes.  We kind of take it for granted because they have always been there.  Whether it's moral, financial, spiritual, or physical support, there are those people in your life that are supporters.

And now it's time to take a moment and thank them.  No matter how bad it hurts.  Don't be a big ol' baby like me, do it.

The reason thanking someone is so important is two-fold.  IT MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD! Kind of important. It actually fills them up with all kinds of yummy juicy goodness. It makes their hearts explode. It makes them feel alive and vibrant.  And if you forget to thank them or you keep it in your noggin you have just weakened their gift to you. You are decharging their gift.  No! BAD! You give them hugs, kisses, kudos, teary thank you's. Do it from the bottom of your heart! When you do, in that moment, a little nuclear explosion of love will go off and signal to the world that we want to receive more.  

And that's the second, teeny, weeny, itsy, bitsy selfish part of the equation. YOU GET TO FEEL GOOD! It's actually saying to yourself that you are worth it! And dammit you are worth it! Don't do this martyrdom thing. You are allowed to receive from others. You are allowed to shut the hell up, open your heart, and receive someone else's gift to you.  No joking, no trying to fix them in the moment, no trying at all (I'm guilty of it ALL), just receiving.  And it's scary.  Because there you are again, heart exposed, being a big mushy ball of vulnerability but boy oh boy it is so damn beautiful.  So quiet the mind and just say, thank you.  And receive.

Lastly, the cool thing about receiving is that it can come from anywhere or anyone.  It can be a simple text that says, "I love you." Or a beautiful song that you hear. Or from your family that has been there for you since birth. Or from the Big Guy or whoever or whatever you believe in. You can say thank you and receive from just about anyone, anything, anywhere.

For those who read this blog, I now want to say thank you. You have allowed me to open up to a world in my heart that I was so afraid to look at. Vulnerability, fear, love, joy, all sorts of wackiness.  And for that, I am ETERNALLY grateful.

Thank you.

Bryce KennedyComment