How Easily We Forget

"I had to walk uphill, both ways, in the snow, with only a piece of burlap and some old cornbread, and I was still grateful for what I had...unlike your generation."

Every adult, ever

In my day...we fed the homeless grass fed beef, there was only peace on earth, politicians were angels, the youth loved only God and their families, cats and dogs lived together, dishonesty wasn't a word, and everyone was perpetually happy-everywhere, forever and ever!  You of course wouldn't know this because your generation is a big ol' pile of crap. Lazy, good for nothing, war starting, politician corrupting, money laundering, homeless beating, animal polarizing, non-organic food eating, downfall of society generation! 

Haha, but wait which generation am I speaking about? ALL OF THEM!  There hasn't been one generation that said anything good about a newer generation, ever! They are to blame! We love to blame and judge. It's so inherent and yet we always get angry when people do it to us. Judgment and blame are normally a reflection of our fears, our insecurities.  It's easier to point and yell at someone else than it is to look deeply within to see why we are even wasting energy on judgment and blame.   

And don't get me wrong, I loved blaming and judging. Huge fan!  "Kids these days aren't outdoors enough, they eat too many sweets and they have too many piercings, it's the downfall of SOCIETY!" Do you know what I did as a kid while I played outside?  I burnt things with homemade concoctions. I almost blew my hand off with many, many illegal fireworks. I ate entire containers of Vienna Fingers and washed them down with half gallons of whole milk and Mountain Dew.  I may have "borrowed" my mom's car without permission and did 360's on our middle school's baseball field. I may have tested the local mailboxes for Louisville slugger bat endurance.  And one summer, I may have found a dead body with my group of rag tag friends...(ok, I never found a dead body, that was the movie Stand By Me, but the rest was true).  

My point is that somewhere in this crazy world of adulthood we forgot what we were like as kids.  We've become like our parents and point to the younger generation for the woes and troubles of society.  JUDGE AND BLAME! I'm not saying you need to stand idly by while your kid shoves an m80 into newly found roadkill (done it), all I'm saying is chill out a bit when we start blaming xyz generation for this lot in life.  However things are in your reality, however much you dislike something in life, however unhappy you are, it always falls on you.  It is you. You control you and no one else in the whole damn world does.  Pretty cool when you think about it. Total freedom of Self.  Also a little scary to take full accountability of our lives.

But we are powerful creatures! We are free! WE ARE FREE! Now go show that younger generation what it's like to walk through life free of judgement and blame. 

Show them what it's like to be a badass...walking up hill...both ways. 



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