The Storm Before the Calm

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” 

― Haruki Murakami

The calm before the storm! Hah! Who ever said that?  No, for me it is always the other way around.  It is the storm that hits and hits hard before the calm.  And for some reason, ever since the beginning of September, the storm has hit hard.  In fact, for a lot of people I know, the storm has hit hard.  The problem with a storm is that you can’t passively wait for it to pass, no, you must go headfirst and conquer!  Sometimes it feels like you aren’t making any progress but rather only holding your ground as the storm battles to loosen your foothold on life.  Ohhh but that’s the thing, YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS! Not giving up! Keep pushing forward! That's the trick. Haha. This wacky life. 

Now a storm can be a few things.  It can be resistance.  It can be a test of how much you can handle.  Or it can be “you asked for it, you got it.”  Either way a storm needs to be weathered.  It needs to be treated delicately.  It needs grounding.  A lot of grounding.  Grounding is breathing, eating right, meditation, laughing, doing something for YOU!, yelling, working out and nurturing YOU! 

The reason a storm happens is to test your weak parts. Read that again.. oh hell I’ll write it again for ya.  A STORM IS MEANT TO TEST YOUR WEAK PARTS.  It will hit at insecurities, false beliefs about yourself, family issues, money, relationships, EVERYTHING that isn’t tethered down in your soul. It is meant to see how badly you really want it.  Storms are not fun.  They hurt and can make us fall back into our old habits.  Do not fall into your old habits.  This is the time to show it that your old habits are dead.

If anything, scream into the storm and say, “I will prevail!  Fear ain't got nothing on me! I will not be dictated by external factors.”  Feel the storm! And each day do what you need to do to stay on task.  We cannot be held hostage by these external forces.  Job, family, housing, money, weather, transportation, LIFE! Bah!

A storm means we are doing something right.  It means we can handle more.  Which in turn means greater experiences.  It means we are starting to shift the old crap around and mix life up a bit.  A storm is…ugh, I’ll say it…FREAKIN AWESOME!  The calm is coming and it will be glorious!

Batten down the hatches.   Stow the sails.  Write your loved ones.  We’re going into the eye of a hurricane with nothing but LOVE, TRUST, and UNSHAKABLE WILLPOWER!  Now, let’s show this bitch who’s boss.  



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