Mistakes and Apple Cider Sangria

“Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” 

― Rita Mae Brown

It turns out that I make mistakes.  Yep.  It's true.  And now you know my secret.  Alas, I am flawed.  I used to make a lot of mistakes, I mean a lot. And when I speak of mistakes, I mean full on earth-rattling blunders. Ones that required me to wear a disguise if I went outside.  However, as I have "grown up," finally become more centered, pursuing what I love, am in love, my mistakes have slowly tapered off...somewhat.

That is until, POW! BOOM! KAPOWI! A mistake.  And a big one. And they always seem to happen at a fantastically awful time.  It's weird, right at a time when things are going well, mistake!  Now there are a few thoughts behind this happening.  Could be self-sabotage, could be a test from the powers that be, could be a weakness that needs highlighting Whatever it is, it sucks and sucks bad.  And trust me, I make these mistakes. Ohhh boy do I make these mistakes.  And mama no likey.  Here is the thing, it all comes down to one little thing... 

A choice. 

You have a choice to let it kill you and end your existence right there. Or you have choice to suck it up, pick your tookus off the ground and begin again. Your choice. And that's pretty cool to have a choice.  Don't get me wrong, if you choose the latter it may require a lot of groveling. A lot of flowers. A lot of swearing off apple cider sangria. Whatever it is, you have a choice.  

The other component to surviving epic mistakes is to leave the "woe as me" zone as fast as possible. Ohhh there's that suffering again. Hey old friend. And this is sure to follow a massive mistake. You lay in bed and just feel bad for yourself. I may or may not have some experience with this. And it's just so deliciously fun to go down that road. And that road is begging for you to come. It's nicely paved. It's familiar.  But if you choose the other road, ohh it is soooo much harder. The road of WILLPOWER. But ohh boy is it better.  We get a few short years on this earth, move on, stop being a shmuck (this is what Bridget tells me), you are still in deep doodie but I'll be damned if I watch you stray from the path.  Do not stray for any reason. Self-loathing is for cowards. It's not a punishment. It's a way out. You want a punishment, GET UP, KEEP GOING. MOVE FORWARD! That's going to hurt a lot more but thats living!

Mistakes will happen. Hopefully not epic ones but if they do, please remember, there is a choice.  Die or live. Choose wisely.  And for the love of God stay away from the apple cider sangria, it's a doozy...or so I'm told.


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