The Judge, Jury and Executioner

Judgment is a sneaky bedfellow.  We all do it. The key is to catch yourself and lessen the frequency of it.  You do that and ohhh boy, what a blessing. Your mind is free!!! It is free to receive anything that it wants.  It can receive love, inspiration, the truth. It is clarity like none other.  It is divine.  

And I judge the hell out of life.

I mean don't get me wrong, I'm a lot better than I used to be but I still do it. I think if you don't judge and I mean like at all, well you can call it a day here on earth and head to the super cool kids club up in the sky. But I digress, the key to stopping is to see how these judgments actually LIMIT you in life. They hinder what could be amazing experiences.

Judgments are the judge, jury and executioner.

My favorite thing I used to do was judge what someone was thinking about me as I was talking.  I created ideas out of thin air, what I thought they were thinking of me, and then judged it!  And guess what, I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO READ MINDS. HAHAHA. Unreal, I know. But why would I do this?

Defense is the best offense.  If I make myself feel small, stupid, unworthy, then you have no chance of doing it to me. If I go in somewhere already judging it's going to suck then guess what, I won't be let down. If I judge myself against the whole-of-society, boom, defeated, then I don't even need to try.  Or flip it around, say someone does judge you, do what I used to do, TAKE IT AS THE GOSPEL TRUTH! Wear their judgment like the Scarlet Letter. They must be smarter than me, richer than me, more talented, more deserving, more, more, more and must know what they are talking about.  

(Say in 70 year old southern grandma accent) Ohhh child, ain't no body know you but you.  

And that's it. It's just you.  One big beautiful ball of love.  No one knows you better than you. Never, ever, ever forget that! No one knows what you are truly capable of.  I mean, I am just uncovering what I am capable of and frankly it scares the living daylights out of me. It's pretty incredible.  But for so long I covered my life with judgments. I let imaginary ones dictate my life. I let "real" ones define me. Hah!   So to that I must say (in a southern grandma accent):

Child, there only two things in life that should be troublin' you, 1. your britches too full from the collard green casserole and 2. do ya have room for dessert. All the rest is just silly nonsense created by northern folk who never had a my sweet potato pie.

Miss Brycie Lynn Kennedy

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