The Invisible Gorilla Test

Inattentional Blindness- an event in which an individual fails to recognize an unexpected stimulus that is in plain sight.

In 1975, scientists conducted what they called The Invisible Gorilla Test. They asked participants to watch a video of basketball players passing the ball either by bounce pass or an aerial pass and to count the number of passes of both. They then had a gorilla walk through the scene of the basketball players passing the ball. Participants were asked if they noticed anything out of the ordinary.  50% of the people failed to notice the gorilla because they were too busy counting the number of passes. Moral of the story:


This is really important and a very interesting experiment because it is so incredibly indicative of what happens everyday in most people's lives, including my own.  We are so wrapped up in the baloney, the minutia, the grind, the fear of life that we miss the giant gorilla walking through. 

Now, to me a gorilla represents: opportunity, money, love, inspiration, power, friendship, bliss, humanity.  On the other end of the spectrum, a gorilla could also represent: denial, fear, self-sabotage, abuse, feelings.  

The point of seeing the gorilla is so very important because "good" or "bad," we are missing a lot of what we need to see in life.  Most everything is right in front of our eyes begging for our attention. It is screaming for us to engage with it immediately.  I have missed sooo much in my life because I was too busy "counting passes." And when you stop and truly look around, the answer is already there, waiting for us to engage.

Don't be so focused on one thing that you end up missing out on a potentially more incredible, badass, mind blowing experience. Stay open, stay present, BREATHE, and see what's truly taking place in the world. You'll be surprised at what life is showing you. For me, I met the love of my life, a southern actress, working at a restaurant I was desperately trying to quit.  I would have missed my gal if I didn't open my eyes to that southern belle.


...but like a really, really pretty gorilla.


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