Intention, Batman and Lemon Cupcakes

Every single morning, every single evening, every single everything do one incredibly important thing: SET AN INTENTION

Intention is one of the greatest and most underutilized forces in life (IN LIFE!!! Dramatic, I know). Since I am on a kick of using definitions, here is one for Intention: an instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. That's exactly it. Determine an action or result you want in any given moment and like Samantha in Bewitched, wiggle your nose and poof, magic!  Well, not quite but the point is to know what you want and back it up with a lil' old fashion intention.

Each morning when I wake up I set my intention. My feet haven't even hit the floor yet and  I say, "Good morning World, you sexy minx, today my intention is to touch the world, trust more in my acting skills, laugh a butt load, stop eating lemon cupcakes for breakfast and become Batman. K, love ya." Set an intention for what you want out of the day.  For how you want a date to go. For what you want to get out of meditation. For how you want a vacation to be enjoyed.  For what you want in a conversation with your boss, ANYTHING. But own it.  Expect it.  Don't go blindly into situations without any idea of how you want the outcome to play out.  It's your life, you sure as hell are allowed to expect certain things.

Without an intention set there is a chance of getting lost, being overwhelmed and blindsided, or simply missing out on some incredible opportunity. Setting an intention is really like notifying yourself and the Universe of exactly what you want. Put your energy into it. Keep it simple and trust it. Don't over think it and allow the Universe to meet your big beautiful intention.

The key is to set an intention from a place of light/happiness/joy/love. Some of the best times to do this is first thing in the morning and right before bed. Now, if you're like me and you wake up just a whisper happier than death, you are going to want to find that happy place and go from there. It's easy, just think of a happy moment. A moment when you felt totally loved.  A moment when you felt free. A moment of gratitude. Whatever it is, just go there, feel it, and then hit it, "My intention for today is to have a successful talk with my boss about a raise, feel confident in writing a book, experience life to its fullest, and not have a blood thirsty rage for people on the subway." 

Intention needs to be laser focused from the heart. Set your goals! Intention is the magic building block of willpower.  It really shows how much you want something and how convicted you are.  There is just something so powerful in acknowledging your intention. It jump starts your life, your day, your world!

It shifts your vibration! 



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