The Ridiculousness of Perfection

There is this fantastic belief that there are perfect people out there with perfect lives. They have perfect children, perfect cats, with perfect hats. They have the perfect amount of money, the perfect amount of love, and the perfect amount of perfection. Doctors are perfect. Scientists are perfect. Leaders are perfect. Role models are perfect. Heroes are all perfect.  But alas, you and I...imperfect.  We eat and drink too much. Swear too much.  Think naughty thoughts wayyyyy too much. And thus we must suffer. Correct?  INCORRECT! Why suffer if...yep...wait for it...ohhh it's a comin..

EVERYTHING IS IMPERFECT! Not one damned person on the face of the earth is perfect. Thank God! Now let's all let out our belts a little, feel a little better and stop judging the fun out of our lives based on someone else's. It's so wonderful to know that no one is perfect. Because if you know no one is perfect, than there is no need to ever feel bad or compare your life to another.  Your life is simply yours. Imperfections and all. You own you and be a powerhouse in your imperfection.

Now there is a difference of owning your imperfections and trying to find someone else's. We tend to do this with people that rub us the wrong way. Could be religious/spiritual or political leaders, family, friends, anyone in entertainment. We find their flaws, their misdoings, their mistakes, their dirt and then we crush them. "They're a fraud! They had a sordid past! They swear off camera! They drink PBR tall boys!"  And when we are done spreading that some sick way we feel better. We have now discredited that person. Now I don't feel imperfect.They are no longer better than us, so there! Hmmph. But if you are looking to impeach a person's character, just take a look in the mirror and slap yourself for wasting your energy on such nonsense. 

People are imperfect. People have screwed up. It doesn't mean everything they say is thus null and void by their imperfections. The reason I say this is historically some incredible literature, art, documentaries, treatises, pretty much any work to advance the human race has been needlessly thrown into the fires of judgmental hell because the creator was found to be imperfect. Screw that! Look to their message, see how it resonates with you, and make it your own. 

And I want to leave you with this.  If we are all "imperfect," if we all make "mistakes," if we ALL are in this together, then are we all not perfect? HEYOOO!!!! 

Merriam-Webster's definition of Perfect: Completely Correct or Accurate.  

You're damn right we are. 100% the way we are meant to be. 


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