Mmmm...Fear With A Dash of Fear, I'll Have That.

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself."
- Paulo Coelho

Oh man, what's going to get us first? ISIS, Ebola, Carbs, Guns, Salmon, Drought, Politicians, Canadians, ADHD, Anti-depressants, Milk, Obesity??? Take your pick! They're coming for you and you're dead meat! So start worrying about it, Now! Immediately! Endlessly! Your worrying, obsessing, ceaseless fear is helping win the war against the demise of the human race!

Wait for it...hold on...not yet...ok... now!...IT IS NOT HELPING!!! FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING  HOLY CUT IT OUT! It is this fear that contaminates the psyche of the world. There have been a bazillion and one studies showing how fear spreads quickly and the damning effects it has on the psyche of the human population. So if you think your lil old worrying about the world ending due to an Ebola outbreak isn't hurting, that is incorrect, it actually is.

So what do you do? Stop reading the news? Live as everything is rainbows and kittens? Stop fighting the cause? Nope. That's not what you do at all. Get involved if that's your thang. Learn the facts. Prepare yourself if need be. Do what you need to do!  But if you haven't been stricken by Ebola then please, I beg you, do not let the thoughts and fears poison your life as if you already have it.  Yes, fear is a poison.  It eats at you. It weighs on your body.  It takes it's toll. And if you are convinced ISIS and Ebola have teamed up and they are knocking on your door then by all means, get out and...

Live Life!  Enjoy it. Have sex! Eat cheeseteaks with ice cream! Watch The Little Mermaid on repeat! Hug, love, kiss, share, laugh, dance, cry, breathe, and be grateful that you aren't in the middle of these disasters.

The world is huge, it's beautiful, it's actually full of amazing people. The miracles of love that happen everyday easily outweigh the "evil."

Be brave. Be beautiful. Be love. And damn the fear. 



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