Feng Shui for the Closet and Clothes

Feng Shui for the Closet and Clothes


You are what you wear. Here is a chance to learn 3 valuable rules that will help you transform your life. Watch and rewatch. Lot's of important info in this one. 

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You are what you wear. You are what is in your closet. Essentially you become a magnet, vibrationally, to what you do or do not want. There are very clearly defined rules on what to have in your closet. It's all about releasing and renewing. Allowing what can come in. Possibility. This video is meant to be an eye opener and will surely change how you view the importance of your clothes. 

Run Time: 16 minutes

Usage: This is meant to be watched once and then slowly rewatched. Each minute is fully packed and should be digested slowly. Though it's 16 minutes it packs a wallop and is meant to be a guide during your process.  Good luck.