Real Time Performance Coaching

"There is a two week waiting list to work with him."

Boston Consulting Group. 


As entrepreneurs, time is of the essence. You sink or you swim. That is why it is crucial to have the most powerful mindset throughout each and every workday.

Real time performance coaching is an in person, 30 minute session to recalibrate your thinking and optimize your time. Leave feeling energized, confident, and in your maximum flow. Each session is structured for you in order to create an actionable framework of success.

This particular format of “in the field” performance coaching was created by Bryce Kennedy, a former corporate attorney. He understood that mastering the mindset, in the moment, was the key to true success. He spent 7 years training all over the world learning techniques of meditation and strategic thinking in order to be effective for clients in high stress environments and situations.

His main client, Boston Consulting Group, has this to say about his work with them:  “Bryce has an innate way of tuning into you, ultimately forcing you to step outside your comfort zone to gain clarity and focus towards accomplishing your goals. As a corporate client, Bryce has added considerable value for our employees through weekly sessions and various meditation workshops and always creating a safe and open space. There is a two week waiting list to work with him”


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