Living the incorrect definitions

Redefining not easy.

When we are born, we are given definitions. Definitions on how to live life. 

They are important to our survival. 

How to behave, what to think, right and wrong, social constructs, etc.

However, at some point, it is our right to begin to redefine our lives. 

To question why we think the way we do. And if these taught definitions actually apply to us. 

Because, in my experience, if we don't start to redefine who we are by DEFINING who we are, everything goes to hell. 

It's why so many people have so much and feel completely empty on the inside. 

We've been living the wrong definitions. 

However, when we decide, and only when we decide to redefine, do we begin to fill up. Feel satiated. 

Live exactly how we goddamn choose to live. 

Today seems like a mighty fine day to begin.



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The stuff we don't want to see

Layers. Like an onion. Is where it's all hidden. 

"I'm angry." Layer 1. 

"I'm angry because John is a dick." Layer 2. 

"I'm angry because John makes me feel stupid." Layer 3.

"I hate feeling stupid." Layer 4

"Feeling stupid makes me feel like I have no control." Layer 5.

"When I have no control...I'm afraid." Layer 6.

"The fear will destroy me if I feel it." Layer 7.

And down we go. Different emotions. Different feelings. Different triggers. 

But it's all an onion. And most of us get stuck somewhere in the early stages of the layers. 

When we can go deep, we actually get to the seed of it all. We know longer need the layers to cover it. 

And in that seed is us. Our power. Our Truth. Oneness. 

I get stuck in the layers. We all do. Do not beat yourself up. We just were never given the instruction manual to ourselves. 

Peel the onion. Find the seed. And watch life unfold in a very different way.



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If you would have told me 4 years ago....

A powerful approach to getting what you want most in life.

I'm currently on a mountain right now in California, meditating for the next 5 weeks. 

If you would have told me this would have been my life 6 years ago, I would have laughed in your face. 

If you would have told me 4 years ago I would marry the love of my life, I would have spit my martini out. 

If you would have told me 3 years ago that I'd have a practice of helping people step into their bigness, find big love, and choose magic in their life, I would have walked out the room. 

If you would have told me last year that I would be writing a daily newsletter to hundreds of people, I would have said,  "Why the hell would anyone want to do that?"

And yet, I wake up almost every single morning with a feeling of anxiety in my stomach, an unknown fear in my mind, and the possibility of massive failure around the corner. All within the first 3 minutes of rising. Like none of the above ever happened. 

Luckily I know this will happen. I know how to snap out of it and come back to center. But what amazes me is how easily I forget the successes. The "good" things. The wins.

If you are like me and forget, take time to reminisce at how far you've come. Perspective is a beautiful thing when you get hit with a wave of feeling like a failure. 

Perspective provides the momentum to keep going. To go for more. To step into the bigness of life. 

As always, take a few breaths. Come back to center. And acknowledge just how far you've come. 



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My old bones creak at 37 years old

A powerful approach to getting what you want most in life.

I'm finding out that stretching is incredibly important. 

I know, who would have guessed. This is one of those things I've always known I should do but really could care less. 

Because of this lack of stretching...I can't touch my toes. If I meditate for several weeks straight, my knees are on fire. When I try to do yoga, my downward dog is abysmal. 

But then one day, about 4 weeks ago, I decided it was time to stretch out the old bod. 

And damn if it ain't enjoyable. I move differently. I feel a sort of longevity in my bones. Like I have a new lease on life. 

It's funny because we all have our version of stretching. Something we fundamentally know will help us and yet we don't.

Something quite simple and yet there is incredible resistance to it. 

You can be like me and wait almost 4 decades to do it or you can catch it now. Make a decision and step into it. 

What I'm finding is that the benefits extend far beyond my body. It actually changes the way I think, feel and act. 

Who knew?

Next thing you know I'll start drinking water...



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The Secret Key to Changing Our Lives

When trying to transform our lives, space is the key. 

And very few people focus on this. 

But if we think about it, space is either totally under utilized or completely infiltrated by others.

The space of our thoughts, our bodies, our energy, our days, our feelings, our homes, our offices, our TIME. 

All permeated with externalities. All the time. Let me say it again, ALL THE TIME.

Social media, television, advertisements, culture, friends, family, society, geography, everything.

Now, this doesn't mean we should go live in a cave and become a bunch of ascetics. Though it could be fun.

The key is to see where WE have lost OUR space. To what and or to whom. Acknowledge it (not blame). And then reclaim it. Now. 

Once it's reclaimed, OUR SPACE, well, we will feel alive. We will feel powerful. We will feel hope. We will get to rediscover ourselves and get what we want in this life. 

Our space becomes big. Full of fertile possibilities. Quiet. Solid. Unafraid and unapologetic. 

And that's truly living. No exceptions. 

If you're curious about your space, what it could look like fully owned and how your life could change, one of these may be for you. Feel free to set up a call to discuss more. 



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Which path to choose

A powerful approach to getting what you want most in life.

There is a direct path and an indirect path in life

The direct path is full on. It is confronting. It is scary. It is powerful. It is stunning. It is responsibility. It is blindsiding. It takes will. 

The indirect path is safe. It is gentle. It is kind. It is comfortable. It is gradual. It plays by the rules. It has a safety nets. It is societal. 

There is no right or wrong. There isn't. 

However, at some point, if we aren't getting what we want in life, we need to get real honest with ourselves and see which path we are or are not choosing. 

The answers are there, we just have to be ready to see them. 



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A very important tool


Having a "new relationship" with life is a very important tool to have in our tool box. 

When we frame it as a "new relationship," something changes. There isn't as much pressure on it. On us.

A new relationship with food. 

With our bodies.

With love. 

With fun. 

With work. 

With ourselves.

There's no pressure to change. No pressure to do, do, do. No pressure to be different or better. There is no "have to" or "should." It's simply a "new relationship."

And there is this quality of honoring ourselves. It's empowering. Because we are choosing it. 

Find that one area of life that isn't working for you. See what type of pressure you may be putting on yourself. Feel it. And then decide, 

Today, I am going to have a new relationship with my body, food, love, work, money, success, family. One that feels bold, fresh, alive, exciting, joyful, loving, beautiful. Nothing to fix. Simply a shift. 




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The Stunning Simplicity In Simplicity

I love simplicity. It is ruthlessly perfect. 

A simple breath. A simple cry. A simple sigh. 

A simple path. A simple Truth. A simple knowing. 

A simple word. A simple wanting. A simple love. 

Simplicity is strength. It is power. 

And we as humans love to take something simple, and twist it. 

Turn it. Contort it. Grasp it. Ring it. Beat it. Project on it. 

However, in almost every situation of complexity, there is a very simple solution. 

It is normally direct. Possibly confronting. Maybe intimidating. Frightening. 

Simplicity is 100% responsibility.

But the ol' girl is there, simply waiting to be discovered. 

Own the simplicity. 



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Changing my name to BRC (formerly Bryce)

I led this meditation today at Lululemon for 40 men as part of a product launch for Kiehls men's line. 

It was wild. Well known "influencers." All kinds of free products. Clothes galore. 

I was like a kid in a candy shop. 

I was fawning. I found myself thinking about how to adjust the meditation to be "cool."

Thinking what these "influencers" could blog about me. How could I be the next Deepak? Should I change my name to one word? Maybe drop the "Y" and the "E" and just be BRC. All consonants. All capitals. Interesting. 

I almost lost the plot. Almost. 

I know this version of Bryce very well. 

He loves the attention. Loves the limelight. But he loses himself. He's not really him. Me. 

The feeling I get when I'm like this is like being overly caffeinated. Saccharine in nature.  

So, I went into the room after swooning like a drunk fan. 

I sat down. I dropped the bullshit. I breathed into my body. I locked into the silence. I returned to me.

And I did my damn job.

And it was beautiful. The men opened. They breathed. They felt. 

They owned a real part of their masculinity. I did too. 

It's easy to lose our center. But it is so crucial to know it. To return to it. To own it. 

This is the work of being a human. Know thy self. The good, the bad, the ugly. 

Will this happen again? Probably only a million more times. I'm ok with that. As long as I catch it and return to Bryce.

And if I don't...well... you'll be receiving emails from BRC, #namaste #savethewhales #peace #oneheart.



A micro reset for the day

Yawn and big stretchhhhhh with all your limbs. 

Ohhh that feels good. 

Deep inhale from your core. Now release.

Ohhh that's nice. 

Open jaw, loosening the muscles. Gentle massage on the joints.

Ohhh it hurts so good. 

Letting shoulders drop and rolling out the back. 

Ohhh how lovely. 

Sticking the tongue out as far as it can go and wiggling it.

Ohhh how sublime. 

Low deep hum from the belly. Moving big energy.

Ohhh that's powerful. 

And from the heart, setting the intention for the day.

Ohhh how cosmic. 

Micro reset complete.



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Defining Our Ritual of Life

A powerful approach to getting what you want most in life.

I love ritual. It feels like home at a very deep level. The definition is: arising from convention or habit.

Ritual of a meditation. Of a powerful podcast. Of breathing. Of sex. Of prayer. Of gratitude. Of laughing.

Ritual is powerful because it is ours. It's what we make of it.

There are plenty of suggestions out there what our ritual SHOULD be.

How it SHOULD be done. 

But the truth is, a ritual is defined by us. It can feel sacred, special, warming, engaging, enlivening, commencing, and defining. But we feel it. We know it. We understand why.

When the ritual is found, embrace it. Own it.  Soon it becomes deeply engrained in the fabric of our being and transforms a simple habit into powerful self-magic.



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A massive oversight

The heart is a palace of secrets. 

It loves when it wants to love. 

It weeps when it wants to weep.

It breaks when it wants to break.

It explodes when it wants to explode. 

The heart is profound. It has it's own intelligence. 

It knows. 

However, we forget about this. We are slowly taught not to trust it. We judge it. We close it. We associate pain with it. We think it is weak in our vulnerability. 

Ahhh, but we are mistaken. The heart is powerful beyond compare. 

If it were truly lit up and allowed to shine, it would blast an army apart. It would conquer Everest. Search for mysteries of the deep. Travel the world. Live to the fullest. 

Do not mistake the feelings of the heart for weakness, rather acknowledge the pure force and rawness of it and ask yourself,

"Am I ready?"

Whoa! See you on the other side.  




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A constant unyielding approach

There is beauty in consistency. It is never ending. Ruthless. Hopeful. Willful. 

It is consistent. 

And when it is geared into something we truly want, it is unstoppable. Unyielding. 

But that's the hiccup. What is it that we truly want? 

When it's a tepid and ambiguous wanting, consistency fails. It's inconsistent. 

No judgment around it. It's just an indication that we may need to get clearer on what we want. 

And so we change it. We rework it. We figure it out. Then, BOOM. Consistency. 

Now sometimes we need help these things. Clarity, wantings, consistency. We are after all human. Not living gods...yet. 

So I invite you to reach out to someone who could help you with that. Myself. A coach. An acupuncturist. A therapist. Everyone and anyone. 

Whoever or whatever it is, let it be clear, let it be Truth, let it be powerful, and let it be you. Yours. And then get what you want.

No holds barred. 



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A necessary pause

A powerful approach to discovering and owning your total power.

The right to pause. It's a big one. 

We tend to go, go, go, go. Anxious. Worked up. Exhausted. Frustrated. 

But a pause might be just what the doctor ordered. 

A breath. An exhalation. 

A forgiveness of self.

A vacation day. A vacation life. 

Whatever it is, it's yours. It's important. 

And it's necessary. 

Hell, it's your right. 

Ready? Let's breathe.

Deep inhale for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Deep exhale for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Repeat 5 more times. 



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To Going All in on this one precious life

Getting crystal clear on what we truly want is quite a powerful process. 

There is no ambiguity. No foolishness. No mucking around. 

It driving a stake in the ground and saying, "This, this is what I want. And if it kills me, I shall get it."

It removes any and all doubt. 

But it takes cojones. 

We are standing in the face of doubt, guilt, shame, family, friends, society...

and claiming our lives as our own. 

This is not for the faint of heart. 

It will take work. It will take will. It will take clarity. 

But it's ours. It's yours. It's mine. 

And once we decide to go after it...well, we go all in. 

Here's to going all in on this one precious life. 



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Blocking the ease of life

"Disappointingly easy," very oxymoronic. 

We all want it to be easy. We pray that it will be easy.

That one thing we want to get in life. Love, job, joy, money. If it would just come easy...

However, I have found, if it hasn't come "easy" there is probably an internal twist somewhere.

Something inside us that actually does not want it to be easy. 

That is intentionally resisting the ease.

"Heresy Bryce! Heresy!" 

Not so dear friend, not so. 

"Easy" can be scary. It can mean we have power.

It means we have to choose. It means we GET to choose. 

It means we have total responsibility over our lives. 

Find the twist and watch the ease flow. 

Oh, and fyi, the twist is just waiting to be discovered. 

All you have to do is look.




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"What do I have to lose..."

Choosing to transform our lives is a bitch. But damn if it ain't rewarding. 

We are literally breaking through decades of being one way only to decide that it's not the right way...for us. 

Even that admission alone is huge.

To see the world in a whole new light. New possibilities. Yes instead of No.

This can be a transformation with a job, searching for love, wanting to feel differently. 

To feel worthy of anything we want. The big stuff. The powerful us. And to live it. Now.

The key to this is unwavering accountability, consistency, inner work, and perseverance. 

If this sparks you, let me know. I am opening up 3 slots today for a 6 month transformation program.

It's one on one. Weekly. Transformative. Customized to you. No bullshit. A whole lot of love. And no hiding. 

Even if you are on the fence, check it out, book a call and we can have a chat to see if this is something that you may be interested in.

Lot's of Love,


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A cornucopia of the senses

New York really comes alive with the summer approaching. 

The smells. The breeze. The music. The colors. The vibes. The tastes. 

It's all woven into the atmosphere waiting to be discovered in a microsecond of adventure.

And when this discovery happens, brilliance unfolds. 

A world never known. Feelings never felt. Doors opening to different universes. 

Wherever you are in the world, catch this if you can. 

It's in the simplicity that lies the biggest treasures...waiting to be tapped and ridden into a new found freedom of the senses. 

Magic awaits.




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The magic space in the chaos

I host this weekly meditation class during lunchtime in the city at Lululemon. And it is magical. 

It's magical because in this 45 minute class, there is an energy that engulfs us and transports us to another world. 

It's deep. It's profound. It's a cocoon. And it's right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Moments before, that space was used as a workout studio. Pumping. Jumping. Pushing. Yelling.

And then, in a matter of minutes, poof, it's something else completely. 

But why?

It's because we presence it. We put our intention into it. Our energy. Our hearts. Our guts. 

And it responds. 

This is why I love space so much. Inner and outer. 

The minute we decide what we want it to be, how it should feel, and the power that will emanate from it, it gears in.

The pisser is we have to do it. We have to take a moment, feel it, acknowledge it, be aware of it, and then own it. 

If there is something in your life that feels out of whack. Not you. Slightly misaligned. Feel into your space. Your home. Your room. Your office. And then you. 

What's in there? Does is it feel like you OWN it? Or is it owning you? Objects. Furniture. Junk. Food. Booze. Fear. Anxiety. 

The minute you decide, I swear to you, it will listen and start gearing in. It's damn magic.

Just decide. 

If you happen to be around next week, join me and feel this space. Lululemon Hub Seventeen, 12:15pm Wednesday.  It's on me. No one needs to pay.   




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