Words can create or destroy your happiness

In person or virtual feng shui consultations are back. 

Word are incredibly powerful tools to build or destroy. And it is a practice to start becoming aware of the words that we use. Because these words are creating and crystalizing the reality we are choosing to live in. 

Words about ourselves. Words about others. Words as judge, jury, and executioner. 

What are the words that we say to ourselves when we wake up? Before we go to bed? When we look at our bank accounts? Or love life? As we go into work? And discuss how we are doing? 

Are the words true, powerful, open? Or are the closed, defeated, judgmental? 

This is not about using positive affirmations and walking around with a painted smile on our faces. This is about catching the reality we create through habitual use and projection of words. 

It is necessary for us to be careful of the same narrative expressed through words that we are telling ourselves and others. 

If we are looking to change something, let's take a look at our words. 



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Is it too early for a midlife crisis?

It's time for a midlife crisis. 

Maybe you've gotten whispers of it. I hope you have. I hope things don't feel right. 

It sounds cruel but it's not meant to be. Well, maybe a little but that's just because I love pain. 

However, there is this point in life where the boxes have been checked, the job semi-secure. The bank account semi-good. The reputation semi-successful. 

And yet, there is a nagging. A numbness. A general discomfort with life. It gnaws at us in our sleep. It haunts our dreams. And the worst of it, we should be grateful! Happy! Counting ourselves lucky! 

Ahhh but 'tis rarely the case. 

It begs the question, why are we in a midlife crisis? 

It usually comes down to a few things. 3 in particular. 

1. We conformed to an idea of who and what we should be. Thus killing off all the parts of us that were unique, creative, special, and magical. Damn shame. 

2. We stopped feeling. This is an epidemic in our society. The ever present, low level feel of anxiety and numbness. It's really not our fault. Truth is most people were never taught how to feel. Even the word itself seems weak and unproductive. But it is in the feeling where big ass, kick you in the face, unicorn riding, no holds barred success comes from. Truly. 

3. We don't know what we want. We want the basics: Food, shelter, clothing, human connection, job. Cool. Check. But if we stick to just those categories, something begins to crumble. It's unsustainable. It's incomplete. The "I AM, " the "ME," the "I WANT," isn't present. Only survival. And once we satisfy the survival basics, we go on autopilot and DIE! (tad dramatic). 

We have a choice. And it really comes down to choosing to see more. To be more. To have a sense of self, or explore a sense of self, so we know who and what we are. What we are capable of. And how to live the way we WANT. 

It's a hell of a journey. Crisis is always a good time to start. If any of us are feeling any of the tinges of a crisis coming on...

USE IT! Delve into the depths of self so we may all rise from the dredges of complacency. 

If you are interested in exploring more of this, I have a few slots for coaching left. Would love to chat and see where we can go and how big. Email me.


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5 Steps to Happiness (Your version).

The 5 steps to happiness (your version). 

1. Acknowledge. How you feel. What you're thinking. Worries. Concerns. Hopes. Dreams. You as a person, simply acknowledge where you're at in this moment. 

2. Decide. To change. To take responsibility. To become who and what you are. 

3. Want. What you want. What you don't want. What will feed you. What will excite you. What will drive you. Want the fuck out of it. 

4. Take Action. Now. Move. Get up. Strategy, yes, but try something. Experiment. Fail. Exceed. Crash. Talk to people. Do it all. But Take Action. It's the first step that is the most important. 

5. Repeat. Forever

A few announcements.

First, you'll notice that stunning mug above in the email. Trying a few things out so you know who is in your inbox every single weekday. 

Second, I'll be holding a 60 minute meditation at Lululemon 114 5th Ave, this Saturday, 3pm. COME. We are going in to breathing, inner force, and silence. Tell your friends. 

Third, I'm brining back feng shui consultations to help people attract love. It's a big boy. I've had pretty damn incredible results with people who are stuck in love. Email me if you or someone you know is looking for the the one. 


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Stretching the boundaries of possibility.

There is something very special that happens when we go beyond our boundaries of comfort. We start to stretch what we think is possible. And actually, we start to believe it. 

Because deep down, somewhere hidden, we don't really believe. Not all of it. It's fundamental to almost every human being. This part that holds back. That hides. Denial. 

Again, almost every human being has a form of this one way or another. I do. 

What would happen if we went all in? Would everything change? Would we leave our loved ones? Would the world end? Would we die? Would our comfort disappear? 

Ahh, these are the questions that plague the minds of the souls here on earth. 

The answer to overcome it?  DO. Simply start doing what we thought was impossible. DO feel the feelings that are hard to feel. DO see the ways we trick ourselves from being. DO!

I am holding a workshop this Saturday at 3pm at Lululemon Union Square in their space called Hub Seventeen. It's only 60 minutes. We focus on the power of breath, meditation, and silence. Email me if you have any questions.

It will be DOING!!!


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Power_BreathingAirMeditationSilence (1).jpg

Own it and Use it. Today's secret sauce.

Anger, love, fear, joy, sadness, sexual. 

These are a few of the big boys. We all feel them. To deny that is to deny our humanness. 

The question is, "What do we do with them?"

A good ol' fashion one is to repress. Always fun. Aligns well with 2,000 plus years of dogma. Keeps with family tradition. 

Another one is to blame. Big favorite. Feel the feeling and then attack. Find the person, reason, situation that caused this and KILL! 

Or, a rarer and more secret one is- OWN. Yes, own these experiences. Feel them. Open to them. Do not judge-shame-guilt them- but feel. The more we feel, the more we release. 

And when we own and drop the story, it becomes a force. We open to the force that has been stuck. These things no longer cripple but empower. 

Pretty damn wild to think we may have had this whole human thing backwards the entire time. 

Own it and use it. Done. 


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Purples, golds, reds, and blues

Dark vibrant purples. Stunning radiant golds. Deep luscious reds. Ominous sacred blues. 

Colors that evoke a feeling. That provoke a sensation. 

They stir something within us that resonates. 

It's a knowing. 

It could be from a time far away. Or a memory on the tip of our minds. 

These colors move us. 

Is the color enough? Is the feeling enough? Or should we go deeper? Plunge headfirst into the core?

And find the why?

There is no right answer. Nor is there in life. 

It's simply a matter of wanting. 

And it's always a choice.

And we should always choose. 


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Blinders We Can't See but are dying to take off.

What if the answers we search for already exist? 

And the only reason we can't see them is because we have blinders on?

Blinders! Blinding us from the world save for the tiny opening we are forced to look through as our "reality." These blinders can be self-imposed and or transmitted through birth, family, society, friends, geography, etc. 

Many of us truly believe these blinders are "reality." It's so damn "real" that our minds couldn't possibly fathom any other way. We see what we see. There is nothing else. 

But then again, what if the blinders were gone? Could we accept this new reality? Would we accept it. Often when blinders start to fall off it is a mix of excitement and sheer terror. 

"reality" become Reality. 

Then everything changes in a blink of an eye and poof...

The life we knew is no more and the road ahead is paved with hope and wonder. 


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LAST DAY FOR EARLY BIRD SPECIAL of Awakening the Third Eye Meditation Workshop. 

The Meditation that changed everything

I meditate. A lot. 4 years ago I would have vomited at the idea. Sitting in silence, legs in a lotus position, trying to go inward. It would have been the equivalent of a slow and painful torture at the Spanish Inquisition. 

But I wasn't happy with my life. I was in acting school. I was lawyering. I was trying all of these methods to get out of the chaos, not go numb, and actually feel alive again. But nothing could stick and penetrate my damn brain. And so a teacher recommended this meditation workshop called, Awakening the Third Eye. I went. 

And it all changed. Majorly.

So now I help instruct this beast in NYC. There is only one or two a year. And the next one is 11/3-4. Two days and you get to learn a meditation that truly shifted my life forever. 

If you overthink. You feel unsatisfied. You want more out of life. Try this meditation. 

Here are the details and there is an early bird special that goes away Monday 10/15.

Please email me any questions about this event that is very near and dear to my heart. 


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The Path to Power...

Before we get to the third and final part of the vulnerability tunnel, in this series, I want to highlight something I’ve seen in many clients, they are absolutely terrified to feel this part of themselves.

They think it will end them. Make them less effective at work. It will cripple their lives. And the reason for that is because the story is so strong that it will sink them before they get a chance to enter the emotion. But, BUT, once they do, watch out. Magic.

Because they realize while these emotions actually have a vitality to them. A strange purifying effect. As if sadness could cleanse the soul. Who’d of guessed. Moral of the story, emotions in the purest form, are a natural state for human beings and strengthen us for what’s to come.

The third and final part. Our power.

There she is. You glorious magnificent bitch. How wild is it to think most of us stop in the first part of the tunnel of vulnerability because it appears to be too painful and weak. Hah. Ohhh the gods are funny.

Once we penetrate the final part, we discover what true vulnerability is...power. It is us. It the person who can wear their heart on their sleeve in the fiercest battle.

There is no need to react. Why would there be, we are exposed at the purest level. But, it is when we are, and we’ve gone through the other two parts, we have mustered up the courage to conquer. It’s like the hero that faces death and lives. She has no need to worry about earthly consequences anymore because she overcame life's greatest challenge. Just as we will too.

A few qualities of this power may feel like certitude, I can, willpower, density, intensity, love, ferocity, Truth, YOU. I AM. And owning it is to be it. It’s really nothing to try and think about. It’s to BE. Simply and fully.

I remember when I asked a friend of mine who is wise beyond her years, “how do I “own” my power? What do I need to do differently? How do I behave differently?” She said, “Bryce, when you feel your power, you don’t THINK about it, you simply are it. Just as you are a man that breathes, you don’t think to yourself, ‘how will I be a man today and breathe?’ You just are. BE IT. Feel it in your bones. Let it incorporate into your body.”

So, BE! Be this power. Keep in mind, this may be difficult for some. You may need help. You may need to be guided there. This isn’t so much about results as laying out the groundwork for what happens in this wild, wacky, world of life.  

But it's yours. It's ours. And the journey begins inward! OWWWWWWW


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The meditation that changed a lot in my life is back. November 3-4. Click here to see more. It's and incredible course that helped me quiet the mind, feel more powerful, and help me start my company.  I highly recommend it. Early bird special ends soon. 

The question is...why?

Our second of three parts of vulnerability

Ok, great, we’ve acknowledged this beast, vulnerability. Now it is time to go deeper. Why go deeper? Because if we look at vulnerability like a tunnel, most people get stuck in the first third of it. They feel the pain, their reactions flare, and they get the fuck out of there.

This is a damn shame because that’s what we consider vulnerability. And it ain’t. It is one third! The remaining two thirds is where the meat is. That’s where the gold lies.

So let’s go back to the question of what did it feel like? Did it hurt? Sad? Mad? Fear? Love? Shock? The key as we move into the second part of the tunnel is that we drop the story.

First part of the tunnel, story it all up. Fine. Second part, drop it. Go for the feeling.

Normally we can identify the feeling of it. We know it well. What has happened in this reaction is that it has allowed us to feel a deeper emotion. The meat as I said before. It is here, this emotion that is getting triggered.

When we drop the story, we can clearly and cleanly see what wound is there. This may bring up other feelings, grief, despair, hopelessness, rage, sexuality, whatever.

The key is not to judge them and not to suppress them. We want to acknowledge them by feeling.

When the story drops, hopefully there is some purity in the feeling of this emotion. As if maybe these emotions weren’t bad at all.

Maybe we are so afraid of feeling these emotions only because our monkey mind latches on to them and pulls us in a million different directions.

Maybe emotions are strength.


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The meditation that changed a lot in my life is back. November 3-4. Click here to see more. It's and incredible course that helped me quiet the mind, feel more powerful, and help me start my company.  I highly recommend it. Early bird special ends soon. 

A huge misunderstanding

Let’s discuss vulnerability. This is a key player in humans lives. Vulnerability, according to merriam websters dictionary is : capable of being physically or emotionally wounded. 

Ahh, damn, right off the bat vulnerability is a less than desirable attribute. We are taught this. We are bred this.

Being vulnerable is supposed weakness. Pain. Hurt. And while vulnerability may seem like that, it is so much more.

The most vulnerable people I know are the strongest. They are uncompromising in who they are. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and don’t back down. They hide nothing. They actually are quite demanding. They put themselves on the front lines.

And why? Because they have nothing to fear. They are not protecting anything. They are not hiding shame or guilt. No micro-manipulations under the skin. It is them in their rawest form. When they are upset, we will know about it.

So, why do we run so far away from this? As I said above, it is because we are taught this is a bad thing. That we will be heaps of weeping blobs on the floor.

While in actuality, we have no idea how to use vulnerability. It is now time to first get to know how to be vulnerable. Let’s use these steps.

  1. What triggered the vulnerability?

  2. What did it feel like?

  3. Who did it and what is their relationship to you?

  4. Is this a pattern? If yes, is there a typical person or situation that this level of vulnerability starts to arise?

  5. When you feel the vulnerability, what do  you do? Do you close off, get mad, defensive, sad, blame yourself, blame others, run away, binge eat, drink, etc? We are looking for the reaction to this vulnerability.

  6. What are your thoughts telling you if you remain vulnerable? You’re weak? They’ll reach in your heart and rip it out? You’re exposed? You’ll never survive in stressful situations?

These are not easy questions. But damn, vulnerability is not easy. It has been shamed by generations and generations of people and we are now working to overcome that. That’s a massive step.

However old you are, acknowledge that this will take time to switch to become a new way of being.

But let's get one thing very straight, vulnerability is power. 


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The meditation that changed a lot in my life is back. November 3-4. Click here to see more. It's and incredible course that helped me quiet the mind, feel more powerful, and help me start my company.  I highly recommend it. Early bird special ends soon. 

Suffering is optional

Suffering is optional. 

This blog really began about 5 years ago when I was in acting school. All us actors were suffering for our craft. Feeling feelings we had never felt before. And when it was over, we had no idea what to do with them. 

We simply moved on to the next character. Anguish and suffering continued. And that's one of the main reasons I decided to create this blog. To start disassociating from the suffering. 

Acting was simply a microcosm of what was happening in life. More suffering. Stupid suffering. 

I realized it was all an unconscious choice. That almost every level of suffering, is optional. 

That rocked me to my core. It was optional. Needless. My choice. 

Now I write this blog. And it has grown but the meat is still there. End the illusion. 

Suffering is optional. When I work with people and dig deep, there it is, a choice. And the thing is, that choice to suffer may have been made many moons ago, unconsciously. Something happened and boom, a closing to the world. To love. To joy. 

And down there, is where the choice can be re-decided. Re-opened. Renewed.

So take it from me, a guy who used to wear (still does sometimes) suffering like a fine Italian suit, it's possible to choose. 

Suffering is optional. 


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The meditation that changed a lot in my life is back. November 3-4. Click here to see more. It's and incredible course that helped me quiet the mind, feel more powerful, and help me start my company.  I highly recommend it. Early bird special ends soon. 

The power in feeling

One of the very first questions I ask people I work with is, "How do you feel?"

It's such a simple and yet insanely powerful question. The reason being is most people are unaware of how they feel. And being human is all about feelings. 

A lot of people have low level anxiety. It's become like a new skin. Second nature. This anxiety is a silent Worry. Fear. Sadness. Grief. Anger. It's there. 

So most of us go about trying to solve the anxiety. Ahh but that ain't going to cut it...at least in my experience. We need to go inward and find the source...and feel it. Anxiety is telling us we aren't feeling something we probably should be. 

And this is where, "how do you feel?" comes in. 

It is at that moment people begin to acknowledge what they actually feel...and this is surprisingly rare. Because people can name it, but to feel it is a whole different ball game.

Once we feel it, we reclaim huge amounts of ourselves back. By not feeling, we are exerting incredible amounts of energy to stave off what we are afraid to feel. There is much power in feeling. 

Monday I'll go more into what is down there but for now, 

How do you feel? And feel it. 


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The meditation that changed a lot in my life is back. November 3-4. Click here to see more. It's and incredible course that helped me quiet the mind, feel more powerful, and help me start my company.  I highly recommend it. Early bird special ends soon. 

Inner and Outer Space

We continue on from yesterday's post, where we discussed the basics of being human. The good, the bad, the ugly (which is good). Moving on from there let's uncover a little bit more about being human and the things that affect us. 


There are two kinds. Inner and outer. Now, I've discussed this in previous posts but I wanted to reiterate the importance of space. 

Inner space: thoughts, feelings, emotions, digestion, breath, organ functions, etc. 

Outer space: Anything external. Your home, office, city, personal interactions, nature, etc. 

As a human, we are deeply, deeply, affected by inner and outer space. If one space is off, the whole kit and caboodle is off. That's why it is so important to harmonize the two. It's actually quite silly to focus on one and not the other. But I get it, this is just one more thing to worry about. 

However, it's not. When these two are aligned, pretty much everything else we worry about falls into place. That's the joke of our whole damn existence. It's the things we often put off last that are the most important. 

So take a look around and start acknowledging how YOUR space feels. Inner and outer. See if they support you. Inspire you. Create for you. Wine and dine you. If they are not, it is time to dig in and see why not. 

Space is magic.


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The meditation that changed a lot in my life is back. November 3-4. Click here to see more. It's and incredible course that helped me quiet the mind, feel more powerful, and help me start my company.  I highly recommend it. Early bird special ends soon. 

It's OK, We're Human

It's Ok, We're Human. 

We humans got the short end of the stick here. We aren't quite animals. We aren't quite angels. We're stuck somewhere in the middle. 

On the whole, we've been taught to be angels. It has permeated our culture. Shoved down our throats. Instagrammed to hell and back. Be kind. Loving. Forgiving. Grateful. Respectful. Honorable. Obedient. Intelligent. Successful. Shame free. Guilt free. Thought free. 

Ah but alas, there is the part of us that is the animal.  And animals are ANIMALS. We share 98% of our DNA with Gorillas. There is no denying what we are. And animals are no angels. They Kill. Fight. Fuck. Ravage. Feast. They sleep where they want, shit where they want, take what they want, mate what they want. A one track mind on survival. 

And again. somewhere in the middle, we are there. The Divine Beast. My god how I love it. Because once we come to accept that we are part gorilla, part cosmic whatever, we are free! 

We can have dark "dangerous" thoughts, while at the same time weeping for the new born baby we are absolutely in love with. We can hate with a fury of a thousand burning suns and yet feel devastatingly sad and vulnerable. We can have urges to burn, pillage, and massacre villages while at the same time missing our tender lil kitten, Muffin Baby.

We are paradoxical beings. It's glorious. Life becomes much, much, more fun, simple, and powerful once we start to see both sides. And when we see those sides, it doesn't mean we're going to the office tomorrow and impale our co-worker with a 6ft hand carved stake because we feel blood curdling rage. Nor are we going to become monks in a cave to be closer to our higher selves and forces above. 

All it means is that we start to get to know who we are and what is under the hood of this human being. It is vitally important. VITALLY. 

Because the parts that aren't seen. Aren't heard. Aren't allowed to feel...they will find us, hunt us down, and explode. Or they will shut us down. Numb us out. And we will live a life of vanilla, complacent, nonsense. 

Either way, the Divine Beast is waiting. Godspeed. 

And at the end of the day...

It's ok, we're human. 




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Check for ticks

My wife and I went for a hike today. Anyone in NYC knows that is no easy feat. 

You must rent a car or get a train. And getting to both modes of transportation is a chore in itself. 

You battle the city traffic by slowly moving inch by inch...unless you're on a train, and you pray you move at all. 

Once out, the city far behind, the chaos begins to fade away. Freedom. 

A deep sigh of relief. Maybe it's the lack of 8.5 million sharing your space. Maybe it's nature. Maybe it's everything and nothing all at the same time. 

Once we started hiking...a storm hit. Cascades of rain. Thunder. Lightning. There was a tornado warning on our phone when we could get service. Insanity.

The chaos found us. But it was primal. It was real. Our senses heightened. Instincts kicked in. 

It was wild to feel the transformation. But so damn good. 

We survived. Got back into our rented Ford Explorer. Put on the seat warmers. And drove home. 

Moral of the story...check for ticks. 




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For all us "thinkers"

Do not forget that the heart is a force. 

It can be broken, stabbed, crushed, shattered, lost, closed, confused, hopeless, and forgotten. 

But it keeps on ticking. 

And for all us "thinkers" out there who prioritize more important matters than the heart, let's take a moment and acknowledge maybe there is more to it than meets the eye. 

What if this heart has simply been categorized incorrectly. It's been seen as weak, vulnerable, gushy, leaky, sickly, needy, naive...

What if, in actuality, it is all of the above, yes, but it's more? 

What if, deep down in the depths, it is a force not to be reckoned with? What if we engage with it in these surface level dramas because there is something so very powerful, that we are simply afraid of it. 

It would mean responsibility. It would mean ferocity. It would mean love. It would mean power. It would mean Truth. It would mean YOU. ME. And everything in between. 

It would mean dropping all bullshit and being. US in our totality.

Phew, makes me shudder just thinking about it. 




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Bridget "She Fierce" Kennedy's Birthday

Today is my wife's birthday. Bridget "She Fierce" Kennedy. She is one of the main reasons for this email/blog continuing as long as it has.  

I started back in 2014 with an idea of wanting to share what I was learning as I transitioned out of being a lawyer. 

I was absolutely amazed there was another way to BE, to live, to breathe, to love. It was as if I discovered up was down and down was up. I couldn't stop talking about it. About beliefs, feelings, mental constructs, energy, pain, consciousness. 

And while I thought my enthusiasm was pretty damn badass, Bridget needed me to start sharing with other people. Actually any other person. The shine wore off quickly when I would wake her up in the middle of the night and say, "Bridge, I've been thinking..." Or "Did you know xyz..." Or "We need to change everything, right now, no questions asked..." Or "Is this all nonsense? Have I just made the biggest mistake of my life..." Or "I've figured it out, all of it....oh wait, no, we're screwed."

No matter what, she listened. Still does. The highs, the lows. The ideas, the good and the bad. She is my rock. To endure someone meditating 6-8 weeks away from home a year and creating a business on inner transformation, you'd have to be someone special. 

And now that I've found me. My business. My mission. It is her turn. And as she returns back to acting, watch out. Mama is coming and is going to tear up the industry. I have no doubt. Truly. 

Keep an eye out for my beautiful wife, Bridget Kennedy. She is a phenom and saint...with a whisper of an Irish temper that will bring the strongest men to their knees. 




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A powerful tip to use during the chaos

Go inward.

It is without a doubt one of the most important exercises a person can do. 

When we are caught in the chaos. When our thoughts overwhelm every minute. When fears begin an emotional spiral...

Go inward.

It is there that the storm silences. The nature of one's Self is revealed. 

In a time where we don't know what to believe. Which end is up. What will happen next...

Go inward.

And while this may seem like a luxury or something merely to calm the nerves, I promise, it is way more powerful than that. It is the force that will bring clarity and power. The foundation of your truth.

Go inward. 

I'm helping instruct a powerful meditation. It is called Awakening the Third Eye. It comes but twice a year and is the foundation for all the major changes in my life.  Check it out and forward to anyone who may want to go inward.  Many thanks.




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Questions for dreamland

What is the limit at how far we can go? I wonder. I wonder it a lot. 

Is there a limit? And I wonder what is creating those limits. 

Are they our thoughts? Our beliefs?

Wouldn't that be something? The whole damn game is contingent on what we think is possible.

How far could we go? Would time have the same meaning? Could our lives change in a moment?

I wonder...if that thing we want more than anything, has it been in our control the entire time?

At some profound level, deeper than our surface thoughts, are things holding us back?

Hidden deep within?

Something to chew on tonight before we get our glass of warm milk and dream away into the cosmos. 




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