A Sense of Levity

I always find levity in a sunny day.

It's this deep breath of freedom. 

Everything let's go. 

No doing. No obtaining. No getting. 

Worries drift away. 

Like being in a field on a mountainside.

Of course the mind doesn't want us to enjoy it too much. 

Worries. Future. Planning. Past. Results. Hurts. 


Go back to the feeling of levity. The smell of it. The feel of it. The sense of it. 

And then become it. 

Light as a feather. 




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Kind of like life...

It's all on loan.

I think about MY apartment. It's mine. And yet, when I die, or I move, it is no longer mine. 

My clothes. My car. My money. My success. My friends. My wife. 


Always trying to accumulate. To keep. To hold onto. 

But it is never going to be mine. It never will be. It can NEVER be. 

Because I will die. And it will be destroyed or move onto someone else. 

And that's a hard pill to swallow. It's disconcerting.

And yet, it's freeing. 

To know that the things I "own" are on loan. They are all temporary...

Because I am temporary. 

It's like a kid building with blocks. She can build huge castles. Forts. Bridges. Cities. All HERS. 

But, at the end of the day, they will have to be taken down. Cleaned up. And put away to be created into another fantasy for another day. 

Kind of like life. 

What a relief. 





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Going inward to find...it

Our lives are go, go, go, go, go. 

Must do this. Achieve that. Be everything. 

It all has to be done before we die....or else.

We have to GET. Always GETTING that next thing. I am guilty of this.

But when we pause. Breathe. Go inward. Feel what's going on...

There is the Truth of what we need to "get."

It's this core of ourselves that is begging to be engaged. 

It is silent. It is all powerful. It is fierce. It is vulnerable. 

It needs nothing and it is everything. 

If you find yourself trying desperately to get that thing. 

Pause. Breathe. Sink inward. And disappear. 

It's all there. Waiting. For us.





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Where the magic happens


We've all probably seen this image at one point or another. The two circles do not touch each other unless we expand. 

But what really struck me, especially with this illustration, is just how far away the comfort zone is from the Magic. 

Painstakingly far from the Magic. 

On top of that, this comfort zone circle looks pretty well situated. Like it doesn't really want to budge. It's...comfortable. It's our NORMAL.

And yet... there is that Magic. The elephant in the room.

So, what to do? 

Expand. Daily. The comfort zone. DAILY. Without fail. 

Push the comfort zone. Micro steps. Again and again and again and again. 

Until, the comfort zone circle overlaps the Magic. 

Then and only then, we have stretched so far and so methodically, Magic is our new normal. 

There is no going back. 

And thank God for that. Phew!

5/16/18 TODAY, I am doing my first webinar on LOVE. It's going to go into all the tips and secrets of what has worked for my clients. 7pm est. If you can't make it, I'll send you a link to rewatch. Also, please send to any friends who might enjoy it. I DESERVE DAMN GOOD LOVE

Also, Book a free call and I can answer any and all questions you may have. 


It's Ok to ask for Help.

The simplicity in asking for Help is so disturbingly powerful. 

It can change everything in an instant. 

Rock our world. Shatter foundations. Create new ones. 

And yet, we've been taught asking for Help is weak. We can't do it on our own. We've failed. 

The irony! The irony!

Help is strength. It is vulnerable. It is terrifying. It is power. 

And if we strip away all of the egoic nonsense, Help makes perfect sense. 

It actually feels ridiculous not to ask for Help. 

Try removing the conditioned ego and find the simplicity in Help.

We all need it. No exceptions. And that's pretty damn cool. 

5/16/18 Tomorrow, I am doing my first webinar on LOVE. It's going to go into all the tips and secrets of what has worked for my clients. 7pm est. If you can't make it, I'll send you a link to rewatch. Also, please send to any friends who might enjoy it. I DESERVE DAMN GOOD LOVE

Also, Book a free call and I can answer any and all questions you may have. 


The Art of Finding Love- Do the opposite...

I work with a lot of people finding love. People that deserve love. And they truly want it. 

However, sometimes this wanting can start to twist things. It can get a little too strained. 

The outcome becomes weighted. Time starts playing a factor. Friends, family, society. 

It all begins to seep in. It all becomes too much. 

And then poof, nothing. No love. No joy. Nothing. 

So what do we do? We do the exact opposite. 

We flip the whole process in reverse, upside down, inside out, and do the opposite.

Essentially we create a whole new process for finding love. 

In my experience, with love, work, joy, the only way to be truly successful is to do the opposite of what you were doing, create a plan that is geared to you, and own the fucking day. 

Then you get what you want. No compromises. No settling. 

Ah, what a relief. 

This Wednesday I am doing my first webinar on love. It's going to go into all the tips and secrets of what has worked for my clients. 7pm est. If you can't make it, I'll send you a link to rewatch. Also, please send to any friends who might enjoy it. I DESERVE DAMN GOOD LOVE

Also, Book a free call and I can answer any and all questions you may have. 




I Deserve Darn Good Love

There are all of these hidden pockets of ourselves that haven't come online yet. Very mysterious.

Which begs the question, what would we look like they did come online? 

It's something to explore. To cherish. To indulge in. 

The unseen YOU. 

And this is primarily what my practice with clients is. Bringing the unseen to be seen. The bigness.

That is always my goal. For you to shine and explode. To be you. To get what you want. To LIVE!

In that vein, I work with a lot of people who want to find love. I have a very good success rate. And so, I 'm finally doing a webinar I've always wanted to do: 

I DESERVE DAMN GOOD LOVE. It's an hour. It's free. 5/16/18, 7pm est. If you can't make it, a recording will be sent to you. Join if you can.

It's going to be a lot of heart. A lot of power. A lot of strategy.  Check out the link here.

Please pass along to anyone you know who has had trouble finding love and wants it, bad. 

Also, my practice (business) has changed a bit recently. I am now focusing on helping people release blockages that are holding them back in life and then, just like above, having the unseen become seen. The huge parts of themselves actually get to live. I'm reducing the price for a session so everyone has a chance to try it out and see if it's for them. 

Lastly, feng shui is slowly hitting the road (It's always available as a service but not the main offering).

I realized my work with space in a home is much more powerful than the words feng shui. It's deeper.

It takes your space to a new level so it can propel you to be and get what you want in life (we'll be touching on this in the webinar). It's about awakening the energetic architecture of your space and aligning it to you. It's completely transformative. The price is reduced on that as well for the next month or so to allow people to try it out. 

Book a free call and I can answer any and all questions you may have. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to chatting soon. 




The "Why" is the Secret Ingredient

I was having an amazing conversation with a great friend today and we concluded that the "why" was a very important secret ingredient to getting what you want in this zaney life. 

We want Love. Money. Happiness. Whatever. We want IT. 

But why? 

Like, why? why? (the double "why" implies grave seriousness...grave!)

When we get to the why, the depths of the why, oh mama, things open up. 

We begin to see an entirely different universe. 

Why is not always fun. Not always kind. It's confronting. 

But as my good friend pointed out, once you see the why, own it. Do not run from it. Own it. 

So tonight, play with the why. Get down to brass tax and own that badboy. 

Ohhhhh what fun this life can be.

Why? Because...




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Eating the A$% Out of A Zebra

The one defining characteristic of myself and my clients is Hunger. 

We're a hungry bunch. 

We want it all. The whole fuckin' kit and caboodle. 

And deep down we believe it's possible. 

We understand that it may hurt. Painful "realities" must be dropped. 

Relationships parted ways with. Admissions of playing small. 

The past obliterated. The Now conquered. 

The relentless pursuit of Truth. 

Breaking limits. 

And we know we're hungry because we don't quit. We're always searching. Testing. Reading. Discovering. Learning. Experimenting. Wanting. Desiring. Daydreaming.

But more than that, KNOWING. 

In our core, we know...there is more.

If you are one of the Hungry Bunch, I raise my glass and salute you. 

It's a hell of a journey and there ain't nothing like it in the world. 



P.S. Reply to this email if the hunger wants a zebra to chew on. Let me know what you're hungry for and what you haven't been able to get in life. Let's set up a call to explore. 

The Force Awaiting to Awaken Inside

There is a force inside each and everyone of us. 

When it is awakened it is unstoppable. 

It is raw. It is fierce. It is zero bullshit. 

It is love but not in a Hallmark card kind of way. 

It's the kind of love that throws a cold bucket of water on us in the middle of the night so we can finish our 5th symphony. 

The kind of love that refuses to indulge small behavior. 

The kind of love that knows how to hold but not smother. 

The kind of love that cries with us as it drags us by our shirt over the finish line. 

It's love of the highest order. It may kill us. But it's out of love. Real love. 

This is why we fear what is inside. I mean hell, who wants that? 

It's confronting. It's responsibility of the greatest magnitude. 

Ohhhh...but deep down. Beneath the parts of us that want that sweet embrace of sleep. Complacency. 

Is the force. It is waiting. Whether it's this lifetime or a million others. It's waiting. 

And it will be awakened. One way or another. 

It may be time to start looking at it. Knocking gently at it's door. Asking to have a cup of tea with it. Get to know it. Befriend it. Laugh with it. Cry with it.

And slowly but surely, become it. Own it. 

Then...Love it. 





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The Cupboard Under the Stairs

Imagine Hogwarts.

It's a school. It's a dormitory. It's a castle. A myriad of secret rooms. Hidden dangers. Magical beasts. Mazes. Enchantments to hide. Places you do not dare enter until we are ready.

Until we are wizards. 

A wizard of thy self. 

But at some point, we must enter Hogwarts.

It's one thing to read about it. To stand outside of it. To want it. 

Question: how many are really willing to go in? On paper it sounds amazing. 

But we are muggles. No magical powers. 

Unless, unless, unless there is something more. 

Something to be discovered. Certain death? Most certainly. 

But entering those sacred halls, letting the doors slam behind us, and fully throwing ourselves into the mysteries that lay before us....

Well maybe, just maybe, we discover there was a reason we've been locked in a cupboard under the stairs...




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Permission to be human.

Permission granted. 

To be jealous. To be afraid. To be gluttonous. To be lazy.

To be madly in love. To fall out of love. To laugh at inappropriate moments.

To be sick. To explore. To never get it right. To sweat. To have hair on your back. 

To love your body. To forget to pay rent. To cry at insurance commercials. 

To want the divine. To curse the divine. To believe in nothing. 

To rear end a car. To rear end your partner. 

To not feel worthy. To fear your own power. To love your own power. 

To drink too much. To hurt a loved one. To forgive the hurt. 

To feel powerful one day and nothing the next. 

To love 80's music and loathe jazz. And the reverse.

To have no fucking clue what you are doing most of the time. 

To love the world and hate it all in one breath. 

To be you. To be human. Permission granted. 




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The Art of Holding the Vibration

I was talking with a friend today about the Art of Holding the Vibration. 

And the Art of Holding the Vibration is something I truly believe is part of the key to getting what you want in life. 

It's not from the mind. It's rather a feeling. It's in the body. 

So, let's say I want a office, in TriBeCa (which I do), what would that feel like?

How would my posture be? If I had it how would my gut feel? My heart? 

More importantly, could I sustain it? Could I believe it? 

It's a level of intensity and holding that. 

Sitting in front of the tv has a level of vibration. 

Feeling poor and alone has a vibration. 

No judgment. It's neither good or bad.

It's a vibration. 

The goal is to find the vibration you want, and feel into it. Become it. And repeat a thousand times a day. I won't lie, it's hard. Our bodies fight it. "It won't work. This is stupid. I can't. I'll do it when I get home. Not now..."

But, from what I've seen and experienced in my own life and in my client's lives, it works, it must be repeated, and you have to really want it. 

Feel. Repeat. Feel. Repeat. Feel. Repeat. 

The Art of Holding the Vibration is quite profound. It takes courage. It takes will. But damned if don't work like a charm. 

For those in NYC and free at lunch this Wednesday and every Wednesday through May, I'll be teaching a class on resetting and conquering the mind and body at Lululemon Hub 17 at 12:15. Check Mindbody to register. 




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I Refuse to

"I refuse to..."

Those are three good words. Excellent words. 

I refuse to be afraid. 

I refuse to play small. 

I refuse to hide. 

I refuse to suffer.

I refuse to compromise.

I refuse to judge.

I refuse to go into xyz situation and ...not get what I want... be who I am...get what I'm worth...own the shit out out of the day...

Mean it. Own it. Be it. 

I refuse...



Going In instead of Out

Sometimes a lot doesn't need to be said. 

Sometimes a lot has happened and silence is better. 

Sometimes our minds want to scream and shout and dramatize. 

Sometimes going In is better than going out. 

Actually, most of the time going In is better than going out. 

Going In can be asking for help. 

Going In can be crying/raging/laughing/dying/rejoicing/praying/cursing.

Going In can be EVERYTHING/NOTHING. Silence.

Sometimes going In is just plain old going in.

Because In is you. In is being. 

In is In. And that's magical.





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When women conquer

4 women joined the webinar yesterday. And I have to say they were amazing! 

Why it was amazing was because they supported each other. They held each other. They gave to each other. 

All I had to do was pass some ideas and insight. But it was them. I've never done an interactive webinar workshop like this on my own. It was absolutely humbling. 

Each person submitted pictures of a room or rooms that didn't quite feel right or they were embarrassed of or where they could shine. And the goal was to discuss it, see where their hidden power was and how to own it. 

And damn, it was magical. 

I got this idea from the amazing coach, JJ Carolan, when she invited me to speak on her Inner Critic Obedience School (which she is doing again). I was floored when I saw how tight the group was on that call. They had each other's backs. They cared for one another. I loved it. 

And I wondered if it could be recreated over a 2 hr webinar workshop, and yes, it could. IT WAS. 

Again, it wasn't me, it was these women. 

So thank you. You women were amazing. I'm always touched when strangers come together through a mutual wanting of transformation and support and end up wholeheartedly giving to the other. Pretty damn special.

Much love and Gratitude,



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Shall we go inward?

Webinar workshop: Feng Shui your space for True Inner Power. TODAY! 6:30pm

The beauty of this whole game we call life is that the answers are already there. They are around us. They are above and below us. But most importantly, they are in us. 

That's why I focus so much on True Inner Power. I can't get away from it. In my humble opinion, the only way to truly get what you want is to own the inner landscape. 

That means thoughts, feelings, actions, willpower, connection to higher self, EVERYTHING. 

It has to be INNER. There simply is no other way. 

And to go IN is a bitch. Because there is no shortcut. There is no one to blame. No way out. 

Mono A Mono. 

However, this is AMAZING. Because anything we aren't getting in life, anything we aren't becoming, anything that is pulling us down, is inside. 

We just gotta pry the hood back, poke around and see what's in there. 

And go back to the big three:
1. Acknowledge it. 
2. Feel it. 
3. Move through it. 

Easy as pie. 

By the way, I'm a practitioner in a technique called IST (Inner Space Technique) which uses those Big 3. I've worked about 4 years on this and it is my joy. It's a meditative technique of going inward and experiencing what's inside you and coming out BIG.

It's what frankly changed my life. If you are interested in this email me back and we can see if you're a right fit for it. It's a beautiful technique for skeptics, explorers, dreamers, and doers. 




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