It's always been within...

Fighting the good fight. What is that fight? Which fight is worth fighting for? Is there such a thing?

To me the fight is within. That's really all. Because when within is conquered, presenced, owned, then the fight stops. 

Total autonomy. No comparison. No shoulds. No what ifs. No drama. 

But this is tough. Let's not kid ourselves. We have had decades of ignoring the within. We've fought the external, when the entire time we could have been focusing on the internal. 

Damn. Who would have guessed?

If there is something external that is causing a fight, go within. The answer is in there. 

This isn't a nice instagram quote. It's truth. Go within and fucking conquer. Ain't no other way. 



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Deep levels of anxiety and a reason behind it.

At some level we are all a little funky. Our dreams, our desires, our deepest darkest thoughts. They aren't...perfect.  

The "perfect person." How it is shoved down our throats. Perfect love, job, retirement, home, marriage, body, gratitude, kindness, selflessness. Perfectly perfect in every perfect way. 

Now the bitch of it ain't true. 

This is why there is pain in the world. The attempt to conform to something that is not us. Never will be us. Never should be us. And because we desperately try to fit a square peg into a round hole, we will suffer. 

The people I work with one on one or at corporations pretty much all feel this. This low level anxiety that permeates the day. 

And 9 times out of 10 it's because something is out of alignment. Something that doesn't quite fit. 

So, moral of the story to us all, including myself, anything we perceive externally will never be perfect. Anything we compare ourselves or try to conform to, will never be perfect. It can't be.

The only thing perfect is deep within waiting to be owned. Us in the truest form. And I guarantee it is way more powerful and incredibly perfect than we could ever imagine. 

Simple as that. Now let's use the rest of this lifetime to get there. 



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In My Humble Opinion, It is Time.

I was talking with a friend yesterday about life, the beauty, the hell, the struggle, the triumph. 

And we both came to this conclusion (phrased differently):

Her: Life is one big game. 

Me: It's all a fucking joke. 

She put it more eloquently so we will go with that. But the point is, this life is meant to be played. It is strategic. Fun. Artful. Manipulative. There is cheating. There is collusion. There is destruction. There is victory!

And when seen from the playing field, it all looks real. It's very serious. The rules are the rules. 

However, when we zoom out and see the game for what it is, a game...well, things change. 

The rules change. The seriousness changes. Perspective changes. The needs change. 

When we see this, that it was all constructed by people that decided what the rules were, what pieces mattered, which properties were important, and how much the funny money was worth, we can begin to choose if we want to play. 

Or, do we want to change games?

OR do we want to create our own?

It's a game. It's a fucking joke. 

Time to choose and create, in my humble opinion. 



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A quick relaxation exercise.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. 

Vocal sigh...ahhhh. 

Loosen the jaw. Relax the back. 

Collapse into a chair or bed. 

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. 

Feel the day. How was it? What are you feeling? How does the heart feel? 

Take a moment. Just a moment. No phone. No emails. Nothing. 

A pause. Your pause. Set a timer on your phone. 5 minutes. 

And then breathe again. Letting go even deeper. 

There we go. 

Have a good night...or possibly morning. 



Not knowing that it's been wrong all along.

When I almost failed out of law school my first semester in Miami, I realized very quickly that something was off. Obviously. 

Granted we had three devastating hurricanes. Black mold infestation in the dorms. And a whole lot of partying...I mean, it was Miami. 

But what occurred to me is that I never figured out how to study. Insane, right? I learned how to do it like other people. I tried their tried and true methods. I did it for years. Memorization. Highlighting. Repetition. 

And yet, it never worked. 

So, I had to start all over. My very good friend and I, VA, locked ourselves in our room and we deconstructed studying. What worked, what didn't. What was a distraction and what wasn't. What was easy but not effective. We had to unearth learning methods that had never been taught. Never been tried. 

We eventually came to the conclusion that I was a visual learner. I never knew that. Almost three decades and I never knew that. Damn shame. 

We ended up diagramming and creating incredible visuals of legal issues, cases, ideas, rules, laws. We didn't use any electronics. No highlighters. We had huge white boards to write on with incredible colors. 

It took longer. Oh yes. It took forever. But once we found the secret to my learning, I was on fire. 

My GPA went from a 2.6 to a 3.87.

This is no different in life. Some of us never figured out how WE were meant to live. What our way of studying for life is... We just follow. 

Go to work. Come home. Weekend. Vacation. Repeat. 

The question is, is how much more is waiting on the other side of learning? How much further can it take you. Big, Big leaps in life. It's all there. 

If you would like to try this leap, email me, I am currently holding individual one day sessions, from 9-5, where we totally deconstruct and  One day. All about you and your new WAY. 



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To the top, dear friend!

What if one of the main purposes of this wacky life is to move blocks to get to the top. 

Let's say this was a video game and the only thing on the screen was a pyramid made of movable blocks. We start at the bottom of the pyramid. Somewhere in the pyramid there is an open space to move a block. The goal is to make your way all the way to the top by strategically moving blocks with this one free space. Similar to the sliding puzzle game. 

Knowing that our job is to move blocks all the way to the top, we must stop and ask ourselves, are we in fact moving blocks? Or have we stopped? 

I think after the initial push of getting out from under the bottom and to higher ground, some people stop. They rest.  They get comfortable. That's fair. We've worked hard. We all need a breather. 

But, it ain't the top. And unless we get to the top, we have to start all over again. 

When the top is the mission, I find that silly little things fall away. Things like obsessing about if this is right or wrong. What people will think. Is this a mistake? What if...? But this isn't allowed. Am I being xyz?

Don't get me wrong, I still get stuck. 

But the mission is to get to the top. Clear. Simple. Drama free. 

If you find yourself stuck in the middle and there is a "reason" for not ascending, remember, 99% of the time it is inconsequential to our true pursuit. 

Move blocks. Get to the top. Total responsibility. 



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Why must it be earned...cont.

I received a lot of responses and questions from my post yesterday. Always a good sign that it's stirred something up . 

The discussion was focused our need for things to be earned in order to enjoy certain aspects of life. For example, vacation, a new car, time off, sleeping in, a drink, a good meal, healthy body. "I've worked hard all week so I deserve xyz. I've certainly earned it."

And my argument was, why does it have to be earned? Why the justification? 

A good friend of mine sent a post of The Rock and how he used the word Earn.  "If I can't earn it, then I don't want it."

Interesting. The part of me that loves sacrifice, hard work, pride, was totally inspired by this. It's a badge of honor! Walk around with my head held high to have a body and career like The Rock. Nothing wrong with that. I would have earned it. 

But, back to the same question, why does it have to be earned? This does not discount hard work. Long hours. This does not mean not having laser focus on your goal and letting nothing stand in your way. NOTHING! 

Earn to me is limiting. It means there are conditions set in place that must be satisfied until I reach my goal. These badges of honor. These, "Once I hit this point in my life, career, body, bank account, THEN shall I celebrate my victories."

What if along the way you were simply handed something you didn't earn. I mean the whole point of earning is to receive this "thing." Ewww... but it wasn't earned. You don't deserve it. By why?

Why do we have to hit this arbitrary benchmark that we never set? 

The reason I bring this up is maybe there are areas in life that we are all waiting to earn before we allow them in. Maybe we are actually blocking some fundamental pieces that are waiting for us to get the hell out of the way so we can receive. NOW. Before we "earn" it. 

How crazy would it be if the thing we wanted most was actually ready for us to have it...but we were blocking it merely because we haven't "earned" it yet? Damn shame.

Down the rabbit hole we go.



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It has to be earned...or does it?

"I've Earned this vacation."

"I've Earned a day off."

"I've Earned this car."

Earning. What an interesting concept. It must be Earned. Because if it isn't, what happens? 

You become lazy. Egotistical. Slothful. Greedy. Unappreciative. 

So, you work hard for it. Save up. Pinch pennies. EARN IT! Just like your family did before you and theirs before them. Blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice. 

However, I wonder, must it be Earned? As you read this, see if there is a reaction in the body to that question? 

What if it came simply? What if it came easily? What if it came from something you loved doing? Say heaps of whatever IT was, it came. 

Wouldn't that be something. 

And the funny thing is that I think we would still be appreciative. We would still contribute to society. We would not die out in a tub full of jelly donuts and an IV drip of Hawaiian Punch. 

I think this idea of Earn is an engrained belief that helps us feel worthy about receiving something we want and deserve. Like a dog who does a trick for a treat. 

Does this mean quit your job and wait to receive? No. It means that IF we are all waiting to enjoy life until it has been Earned, we are fucked. 

Start to see the beliefs around Earning. We all may be making this life a lot harder than it has to be simply because our definition is outdated. 

Just scratching the surface here with this concept. Much more to see. 



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The Heresy of Nice

I had someone tell me the other day that they are a nice person. They really prided themselves on that. Shoved it down my throat. 

I didn't buy it. 

There was more than meets the eye. What I felt was a person who was hiding from something. Something deep within. Something that may be riddled with guilt and shame. Something...primal. Violent. Angry. No bullshit. No drama. 

And yet, he kept telling me how damn nice he was. How kind he was to strangers and the homeless. Selling me on NICE. 

I still didn't buy it. 

The thing about nice is that we are spoon fed this idea that nice is the way to go. Or how nice is honorable. Nice is kind. Nice is brotherly. Godly. Holy! 

Baloney! Nice is mechanical. It's complacent. It's easy. It's sheepish. It's vanilla. Nice is out of integrity. 

Now, keep in mind this is ALL under the context that nice is masking parts of ourselves that don't want to be seen. That nice is something we SHOULD be doing. Something that is EXPECTED of us. 

To me, what is NICE is feeling what you are really feeling. Being truly honest with yourself about situations. Acknowledging we all have a level of programming that keeps us like smiling idiots. Not all of us, but some. Certainly in me. 

That said, this does not mean we get to be dicks. Or we hurt people. Or we walk around like entitled assholes. No, it does not mean that. All it means is that it may be time to see if NICE is actually is bullshit. 

Maybe there is a much more powerful way to be nice. Maybe it's being Honest. Loving. Thoughtful. But all from a place of Truth. Not to check off a box. Or keep the false hope that the true parts of ourselves don't rise. 

Nice may not be nice at all. 

Let go of the NICE for a day or two and see what's hiding under there. Just to even acknowledge it exists. 

And once we see what's there, we can CHOOSE what and who we want to be. Even to be nice. 

Damn powerful. 



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Deeper Levels of Success

Deeper levels of success are always the goal. But, as we move from just having success to having deep levels of success, we need to begin to redefine exactly what that means. 

Is it more than a job? Is it more than money? Is it more than a few checked boxes?

Deeper, to me, usually means there is more to uncover within oneself. Beyond the superficial levels of feeling. Deeper becomes apparent when you feel like you are numb. That nothing changes week to week. That you're going through the motions. Stuck at one level and ready to go to the next. But also, how nothing in the material world is quite satisfying. There's a meatier ummmph under there. That's where you go to go deeper. 

Success, to me, is aligning with a powerful force within yourself that shatters the norm. That goes beyond what we think success is and digs for more. Other levels that most are unwilling to go to. 

Most of my clients come to me when they are ready for that. They've reached some level in the work life that is quite successful. They don't necessarily worry about money or position. That's all good. Boxes checked. 

However, something is missing. There is a void. A lack of heart. Material success achieved. Now time for the next levels. 

Ohhhh and this is the fun part. Because it is always so much more different than they think it would be. Exploration in the self explodes into all areas of life. Everything begins to scale. Massiveness on all fronts. 

So, when? Well, what I've found is people just have had enough. They are ready for more, but they don't know what it is. It's that next level. That deeper level...of success. 

Forward on!



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A pious note on MindF@%ks

A quick Friday night reminder about mindfucks. 

Everyone has them. They happen. It's ok. 

We are human. We are heaps of random material walking upright with a consciousness. 

We are literally battling millions of years of mindfucks. Or if you're a creationist (which is fine), we're battling about 6,000 years of mindfucks. (If you're a creationist you have less of a reason to have mindfucks but still very mindfuckable all the same). 

Moral of the story is that we as humans are extremely complex. More complex than we know.

So when we are spiraling into a pit of insanity about something our boss, friend, or family member said, it's probably because of something much more primal and cosmic then we can possibly fathom.

Enjoy the weekend. Release the mindfuck. Kisses. 



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The secret gateway in

It's ok to be afraid. 

It's ok to be anxious. 

It's ok to be angry. 

It's ok to be unhappy. 

What is not ok is accepting them as the new norm. Do not succumb to these as a perpetual state of being. 

That is not ok.

What is ok is to see them, not judge them, and start going deeper. 

They are indicators of something that is ready to be looked at. 

Again, no judgment but rather compassion and then digging. 

Because usually, underneath lies a hidden power that is begging to be owned. 

These triggers are the gateway in. 

Time to enter. Time to own. Time for power.



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The power of simplicity

The simpler the better. 

In an extremely complicated world, simple is gold. 

However, simplicity isn't always profitable. It's not sensational. It's not sexy. 

So, we are told it's ineffective. It's too...


Ahhh but this is heresy! Simplicity is power. It is ruthless. It is intelligent. It is our natural state. 

If life is too complicated. Too dramatic. Try stripping away the bullshit and find the simplicity. 

It's there. Waiting to be discovered. Take it from a man who prided himself on complication. 

Simplicity is it. 



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Blip. Blip. Blip.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. 


Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. 

Blip. Blip.

Sometimes it can feel like we are spinning our wheels. Trying. Failing. Trying. Failing. Trying. Failing. 

But if we have an idea of what we are trying for. That thing we want so desperately, then we know we must keep the trying, failing going. The nothing. Nothing. Nothing. 


Because it is that single blip which comes out of the darkness and tells us we are in fact doing something right. That we must press on. That we shall not quit in the void of light. 

Whatever it is. Whatever is in that darkness...look for the blip. The spark. The light of hope. 

It's there. Don't give up. 



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Use Your Space Wisely

Space is a commodity. It's precious. At least to me. 

Space in the home. Space in the office. Space on the airplane. Space in my mind. 

And the thing about space is that it is getting tighter and tighter. 

We are losing space. 

So how do you get space back?

First step is to want it. Demand it. Now on an airplane you'll most likely be dragged off. But demand space in your life. 

Space from external noise. Space from social media. Space from opinions. Space from judgment. Space from work. 

Second step is to use it. Use your space. Meditate. Breathe. Run. Workout. Flex. Sing. Don't think. 

Use your space! Because if you don't use it, someone else will. 

Once you start using it things will start to feel very different in life. 

All of a sudden it will feel as if you have 



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3 rules for living and owning the hell out of life.

1. "The only thing constant in life is change." Heraclitus 

  • And yet we hate it. We loathe it. We fear it. We fight it. But, it is coming. Sure as night follows day. If we can adapt to change as a higher function of living, we are well on our way to embracing change. Not to fear it in the depths of our hearts but welcome it as a teacher and enabling force of growth. 

2. Vulnerability is a fundamental level of caring. 

  • We are all vulnerable. No one escapes this. Some are just better at it than others. But deep inside us, we care. Deeply. So deeply that it has the potential to hurt. To get hurt. And it's not that we care what others think (of course we do), but rather we care FOR others. It's easy to twist the care. To project it. To hide it. But, when someone acknowledges the care at the core of their being, they can truly be vulnerable, which in actuality is nothing more than transparency of the soul. No masks. No charades. No bullshit. 

3. Darkness is the path to the light. 

  • We all have this human body. It is an animal body. We hunger. We want sex. We sleep. We also have a connection to something bigger. Call it what you will. God, Light, Love, Truth, Infinity, Totality. Our connection to this or rather the part of us that is this craves the purity of it. It is the part that believes in something more. Something bigger. The hiccup in all of this is how to reconcile the Divine Beast? Our divinity with the animal body? And the answer is simple, own it. We must own ALL of our parts. The parts that know how to connect to high spaces of consciousness while also seeing the deep sexual wants and desires. The parts that like a lion, know how to rip a throat out of a zebra without shame or regret. It's not that we act on these parts, but it is powerful to acknowledge what the hell is inside us instead of pretending that we are not what we are. Embrace the experience and push it. 

These are very broad brush strokes on very complicated topics. They are by no means complete and could definitely have more context. That said, this blog is meant to stoke the fires of power deep within. It is meant to question the prison of the mind and begin to see what else is beyond the cage. It is meant to awaken and give permission to the parts that have been suppressed for a lifetime. 

And as T.S. Eliot once wrote: "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

Shall we go far?



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That rare moment where it all can change

Drawing the line in the sand. 

Taking a stand. 

Knowing what you want. 

There is that moment we all have where enough is enough. When it is time to go the next level. 

That may be self-worth, at work, weight, love, any aspect of life. But there is that precious moment where something clicks and the old no longer has space to thrive. 

It is a defining moment. And it must be caught. There is momentum behind it. Do not waste it. Do not postpone this moment. 

Because when the line is drawn, the decision made, life can change. 

Seize it. Take it. Declare it. And own the hell out of it. 



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Straight to the point!

I've always admired people who get straight to the point. 

It's sharp. It's discerning. It's responsible. 

That doesn't mean it always feels good to hear or that I do it all the time. 

But it is a way of living that has integrity. 

It's not mushy. It's not leaky. It's not passive. 

Straight and to the point. 

And keep in mind, this doesn't mean there isn't care behind it. If anything it is the opposite. 

It's because there is such a high level of respect for their time and yours that there is no room for bullshit. 

This is also an interesting way to live. Finding the areas in life that aren't quite straight. That weave around in defense or protection mechanisms. Things that aren't said. Hiding. People and situations that are avoided. Goals that are too complicated. 

We are a unique lot. No doubt about it. But if we're really trying to live to the fullest, being straight and to the point is a hell of a first step. 



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The Simplicity of Fun

Fun. This one has always been a tough one for me. 

Fun. Has it been earned? Is it warranted? Should it be scheduled? How long? What are the parameters? 

Fun. But then I think back to when I was a boy. Little Bryce. 

Fun. Exploring. Creating. Devising. Improvising. Laughing. Destroying. Adventuring. 

Fun. Now here we are. "Adults."  And the fun is more important than ever. It is crucial. It is necessary. 

Fun. A reminder. Because fun is fun. 

Nothing like it in the world. 



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The full moon is waiting

The full moon was last night. Big, bright, sexy lady. 

The full moon is a chance to purge that which no longer serves us. 

To open to new possibilities. 

It can be raw, confronting, vulnerable, powerful. But it's there, waiting for us to claim what is ours. 

Now, do you need to believe in this? Nope. Not one bit. 

However, what I do say is use it as a marker to see if there are changes in life that need looking at. 

If there is something that needs unearthed in order to step into a bigger part. 

Leaving the sweet sleep of complacency. 

The full moon does not need us to believe. But it does require our attention. 

Dive in today. The magic is still there.



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