3 keys to having it all

You can have it all. That's a scary thought. But, unfortunately it is true. 

Most of us don't think it's possible. There are days where I struggle to believe it. But I will tell you this, the more you get the truth of who you are, to the core, it is possible.

And with that comes a great responsibility. It means there is nothing to stand in your way of achieving what you want. 

That's scary. Because if there is nothing else to blame, literally nothing but ourselves, it means we may need to step up to what we really want. 

Now, this is not a time for shame or guilt or nonsense like that. This is not a time for- I've wasted so much time already. I'm too old. I've invested too much xyz- or any excuse. 

Because remember, it's all possible. And it's all on us. 

So, what are the keys to getting it all? 

1. Mindset. It's very simple. You either have an I CAN'T mindset. Or a I CAN mindset. 

2. What do you want? Seriously want. Now this is tricky. Most people I work with don't actually know. That's fine. But you do need to know. And it has to be a real deep down wanting. 

3. Action. You just have to do it. I know a lot of people who meditate their lives away. Or yoga their lives away. Or drink their lives away. Or corporate their lives away. Truth is, everyone knows. We all do. We know that we have to take that step to really live.  Are we willing? 

And there they are. 1. Mindset. 2. Wanting. 3. Action. 

Big shifts await. But be honest, are you ready?

It's a hell of a time to find out.




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The Mystery Begins Today

There is a moment in the year where the celestial spheres open up to the earthly realm and gods and mortals feast in celebration of the dawning of the Light.

On Tuesday, March 20th, at approximately 12:15pm est, we have the spring equinox. It’s when the sun shines directly over the equator and night and day are said to be equal in time.

The cold, death of winter begins to recede. The rebirth of life awakens.

‘Tis a time to rejoice! To be inspired. To discover Truth. 'TIs a time for aspiration. For hope. Alignment. For smallness to disappear. For “I CAN” to reappear.

'Tis a time to discover hidden mysteries locked inside. A god waiting to be born.

From now until Tuesday, be pristine in thought, actions, and words.

If this were that one moment in time when anything was possible, what would you do differently?

Love bolder. Live bigger. Laugh harder. Lick sexier (I needed another L word).

5 days. What if being you, in your fullest capacity could change the course of your life?


Maybe it is worth licking a little sexier.

True Accountability

Sometimes you simply need someone to hold you accountable. And sometimes that's all you need. Motivation. Strategy. Accountability. 

You don't necessarily need a deep dive. You just want to work on something at your own pace while being held accountable. 

I created a program called True Accountability. It is meant to help you achieve what you want in a very accessible manner. Simple and powerful:

1. Once a month we have a 30 minute call to create and plan what the month is going to look like. We will go over mindset and action steps needed for this. 

2. At the end of each week, you write an email telling me what you accomplished and anything you went through that you need help with. 

3. I write back or send a recording of my advice and thoughts on any course corrections for the week to keep getting you the results you want. 

4. Total access to all recorded webinars, downloadable guided meditations, and feng shui videos. 

Use the call and 4 emails anyway you see fit. But the purpose is to advance in a direction to get what you want, now.

Anyone who has worked with me knows I don't forget and I don't let people hide. 

We are here to work and succeed.

It's $200 per month and is a recurring payment until you decide to opt out. There is no long term commitment. No penalties for leaving. It's yours for the taking. 

I'm choosing to do this for a handful of people and will be kept to a small number per month. 

Please email me with any questions and if interested, SIGN UP HERE.  




You just might need a little help finding it.

I love my clients. I do. They aren’t clients after we are done. I think everyone on this list can attest to that. We’ve gone too deep to ever go back. We’re in it together.

This one client, now friend, wrote me the testimonial below. We’ve been working together for over a year now. The reason I am posting this is not to boast. Really, it’s for me to gush. When I get to see someone transform, and their life completely change, it is a reminder of why I do what I do.

This particular person had a spark that was so magnificent, I didn’t care if I had to fly out there, we were going to make this work. And we have.

This is also a reminder for everyone out there. This life is possible. It is possible to be whatever you want it to be. These aren’t nice words. They are absolute Truth. You just have to choose.

Here is what my friend wrote:

“ “What do I have to lose?” - My thoughts as I stared at the computer and made the decision to work with Bryce.  I have a pretty charmed life…great marriage, healthy children, own my own business- what did I have to be complaining about?

The problem was that this perfect life was eating me alive. Although all of this wonderfulness was mine, I was too exhausted to enjoy it, sick all of the time, felt overloaded by all of the obligations to everyone (except myself) and was just barely keeping my head above water.  

I knew there was more – a greater “me” inside but something had to change to find it.  

And I was so cynical…”Of course I’ll feel better if I take some time for myself…what was this guy going to help me do?”   

Well, since starting work with Bryce I have been able to live my life in such a more meaningful way; he helped me find energy and a knowing inside myself that I wasn’t sure existed.  

Then as this personal transformation was occurring I got to apply my new energy to real life…

Last year my business did the best numbers we’ve had in years while I took eight weeks of vacation to spend time with my family (I took just over a week of vacation the year before).  

I feel a change in my energy and whenever that “just surviving” feeling starts to surface, I am prepared.  Bryce gave me what I needed to live up closer to what I am supposed to be, to enjoy life to its fullest and by doing this become more successful than I had ever been…and we’ve only just begun.

As I sit at the computer now I think…”What would the last year looked like if I hadn’t – how much would I have suffered and continued to put myself last?”  I’m just glad I don’t have the answer to that one.

If you are on the fence, a cynic, worried that it isn’t worth the money – trust me – I was all of those things and now I’m a believer – in myself and the work that Bryce does…don’t wait…the life you have dreamed of is there – you just might need a little help finding it. “



Saying Yes to the Hidden Gem

We all have gifts. We do. Whether we develop these gifts is dependent on us. 

These gifts may be overlooked because they come naturally. 

They may be overlooked because we think they aren't worth anything. 

And yet, there they are. Something very unique to us.

My gifts are listening, seeing the highest versions of people, deep caring, and massive hope. 

They're just there. I didn't ask for them. And for the longest time I didn't value them. 

But damned if they didn't keep popping up. Piercing through my legal career. Piercing through my acting career. Piercing through everything. 

Until one day, I decided to to see what I could do with these qualities. 

And wouldn't you know, I discovered I was amazing at helping people step into the biggest versions of themselves in realistic and tangible ways. I say that with humility. But it's true. It's a gift.

Seven years I have massaged this. Developed it. Educated myself on it. Went through hell and back to be it. And now, it's a beast.

They key to discovering your gift is to look at the most "simple" and easiest qualities of life that you enjoy. Do not dismiss them! Because most likely there is a gem waiting to be discovered to completely change your life. Poof. In an instant.  

All you have to do is say, "yes" to it. 



Empowering High Achievers to Find True Success

The Missed Pivot

There is a unique phenomenon I'm beginning to notice with people, they don't pivot. 

I have a lot of clients that are consultants, lawyers, and doctors and we can assume they are fairly well "educated."  And the one thing they all have in common is an incredible skill set.

Brilliant problem solvers. Masters of multi-tasking complex situations. And strategists that would make the heavens weep.

However, when it comes to their personal life, all of this goes out the window. As in, it does not exist. 

All their brilliance is saved for the job. None is allowed to come home. Instead, home/personal life is an after thought. It's unfulfilling. It's numb. It's loveless. It's a pile of pizza boxes and flannel shirts.

And this is common. Incredibly common. 

But why? Why do we willingly engage, at all costs, for a client/boss, but not ourselves?

Because it's sinful. Shameful. Glutinous. Time consuming. Painful. Not worth it. Farcical. Expensive.

Those are the top reasons people don't pivot their skills to their personal lives. 

And that is a sin. 

We have this all ass backward. Society reinforces it. But if work is the only motivation, I can assure you that if you are successful in the personal life, your work life will be blown out of the water. 

Trust me on this. My lawyer brain ain't dead. I only believe it if it's proven either by myself or through clients. 

And this has been proven time and time again. True success is having a life that is fulfilled. That is big. That feels good. That is...alive.

And to do that you have to be a strategic problem solver who knows how to multi-task. 

Pivot your skills to creating TRUE success in every facet of your life. No exceptions. 

Be responsible with THIS LIFE. 



Empowering High Achievers to Find True Success

Rainbow Unicorns of Death

Be grateful. 
Love everyone.
God has your back.
Angels watch over us. 
Everything has a purpose. 

Well, to that I say, "BLAHHHH!  BLAHHHH!"

The reason I say, (and so eloquently) "BLAHHHH," is because those are hard pills to swallow. And lord knows I've a tried swallowin' them. 

Now, I'm not saying those aren't completely true. I'm not saying that at all. These very well may be true. 

But, what I see happening a lot is that these become distractions. They can pull us away from real transformation. They are cute hashtags. Nice ideas. But again, distractions. And I'll admit, I am completely guilty of them. 

WE are the most important thing to focus on when we are transforming. We need to feel what OUR power feels like. What OUR Truth looks like. How the Light inside us shines. How we resonate with higher states of consciousness. How and what our BIGGEST freaking selves are meant to live!

Because in my experience, when you go inward and start learning the layout of you, that list becomes very true. Then gratitude, love, God, angels, purpose, etc., have a much purer meaning. A much deeper Truth. 

And that is because you know YOU so well and, 

you are no longer distracted by Rainbow Unicorns of Death. 



P.S. My amazing friend J.J. has started an incredible 6 week program for inner-critics. If you need a boost in the right direction and want to tackle this beast, please check it out. 

"Bring your gremlins to Inner Critic Obedience School - a 6-week Journey to put “I’m not good enough” in its place."


Engage the hell out of it

The power of Will is quite a force. We have all engaged it at some point in our lives.

Whether to fight a life threatening illness, travel the world, get into the school of our dreams, find the love of our life, lose the weight, work on a life changing project, we've done it. 

But we also use Will in micro doses as well. Wake up everyday and go to work. Meditate/workout. Catch negative thoughts. Not have that extra doughnut. Shut the TV off before bed. Put that last beer down before things get wacky. 

We are forces of nature when Will is engaged. Our life becomes our own. And on the deepest level, Will is our greatest ally.

We can change the tides of our lives simply by engaging it. 

Treat it as a muscle. See where Will lacks in your life. And then start to slowly begin to presence it. 

It doesn't have to be hard or exhausting. It's really like taking the "NO" that was there before and turning it into a "YES."

See which parts of life need a boost of YES. And engage the hell out of it. 



Empowering High Achievers to Find True Success

Being Human Ain't Easy but...

I always say, "Being human is the hardest thing a person can do."

It is. And why?

1. We were never given an instruction manual to our unique bodies and minds.
2. We've been given instructions to other people's bodies and minds.
3. We have ridiculous feelings of guilt and shame for no apparent reason.
4. We compare ourselves to people who are nothing like us.
5. We give away our power.
6. We forget that we have power. 
7. We think we have all the time in the world.
8. We think we have no time in the world. 
9. We hate our bodies. 
10. We forget our Truth. 

Damn, if that ain't a pisser. 

What would it be like to have a different version. Your version. How about this:

1. Enjoy learning what your instruction manual to your body and mind looks like. 
2. Borrow from other people's instruction manual only to ENHANCE yours.
3. Guilt and shame are never welcome. NEVER. 
4. No one is like us and that is spectacular. 
7. We have all the time in the world. 
8. We have no time in the world. 
9. No one defines our body except us. No one. See 5 and 6. 
10. We are Truth. 

There we go. Much better. 



Empowering High Achievers to Find True Success

The 30 Minute Life

We want to live in the moment because, well, it's the only moment. 

Dwelling on the past and the future only leads to neurosis. But we all do it. 

In order to counter that, try living in 30 minute chunks. As if you had an entire lifetime in 30 minutes.

Set a timer for, you got it, 30 minutes. And in that 30 minutes, try to maximize the hell out of it. 

No, not necessarily with work. But life. 

You don't need to leave the office or neglect your kids. 

But, how much can you live in that 30 minutes?

How much can you feel?

How much can you believe?

How much can you forgive and let go?

How proud, joyful, fulfilled, laughing, fun loving, grateful, roaring, can you be?

How much of you can be? 

If you only had 30 minutes in the current framework of your life, how much could you expand in it? 

And once the 30 minutes is done, begin again. 

You have 48 lifetimes in a day.

Damn, that's magic. 



Empowering High Achievers to Find True Success

My recent workshop

I lead a lot of corporate workshops. Coaching. Meditation. Feng shui. The main points of them all is to have employees remember that they:

A. Have a choice in this world.
B. Should not surrender to a complacent lifestyle.
C. Work is only one part of the equation. 

Last night, at Casper headquarters, I led a particularly powerful workshop called, The Retreat. It's a meditative journey of sound, silence, breath and intention.

The goals are the same as ABC above. But this one is more interactive. It's called the retreat because like any good retreat it focuses on slowly opening up areas of the mind and body that are usually shut down and hidden. How that affects work and life. And then ending on a powerful repositioning back into the world. 

As we got to the sound part, I made people use their voice. And as it turns out, it was extremely difficult. Most people are not used to expressing an emotion, thought, or feeling with voice. It could be a sigh, a grunt, a howl, whatever. And several people struggled to find even a whisper. 

I get it. It's not normal. But life is not normal. At least it's not supposed to be. 

And as people let go more, they began to howl. Throwing their heads back and letting go. Voice! Sound! Air! Release! And that became the new normal. 

And in the new normal people chose themselves. 

Moral of the story, redefine normal if it ain't working for you. There truly are no rules to normal when you are going for Truth in your life. 



P.S. If you are interested in learning more about the Retreat and what it can do for your life or business, feel free to reply to this email.  

The art of ramen

As I sat down to this counter to order ramen noodles in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, I was hesitant to say the least. I still have ptsd from eating mass quantities of "ramen" in college. And now, here I was in pop-up ramen shop in the middle of a swedish inspired coffee house. Oh New York.

But, I was starving and I would have eaten anything. 

As I sat there, this guy places beautifully crafted chopsticks down beside me. Arranging them to be perfectly vertical. 

He then asks which of the two dishes I want? Chicken or Vegetarian. Chicken of course. 

We start up a conversation. He describes to me the 10-12 hour slow cooking of the shio paitan, a chicken based stock with fish flavoring. The variety of spices, most of which I've never heard of, and the timing of each. The delicate balance of waiting for the spice to properly open but not missing the window to merge with the others. 

He describes how he goes to a farm upstate to get his chickens that are all free range. Never caged. It's a longer drive than the local grocery store, but the slices have to be perfect. That's the other thing, it's not an American size helping of meat. It's 4 little pieces that are cut fresh in front of you, seasoned and then pan fried. 

By now I'm dying. My mouth is watering. I don't care what it tastes like. It is the sheer attention detail, the adoration of the ingredients, and the artist's touch of creating this one of a kind bowl of ramen that I have fallen in love with.

After the scallions added, the chicken gently laid on top of the noodles, a dash of Japanese pepper, the final ingredient is brought out. A half of a hard boiled egg that has been marinated in 16 spices for over 24 hours. An egg! It was soaked and dripping with flavor. I felt like I was cheating on every other meal I've ever had. 

Once he serves it to me, I have completely lost my mind. It's like I am being presented with a Picasso. It's taken well over 20 minutes to make and in New York time, that is an eternity. 

The first slurp was like taking a lover into my arms after being away for 40 years and finally having the first embrace. This was mine. The exquisite dance of flavors and artistry was all mine. 

And as I sat there eating it, I was truly amazed at how this person was so completely dedicated to a bowl of ramen. In my world, that wouldn't make sense. Who has time for that? We are all so busy? 

Things to achieve. Success to conquer. Ladders to climb. 

And yet, here was one of the greatest most memorable successes I've ever seen, in the back of a coffee shop, falling in love with each bowl of ramen he made. 

Makes you think what's possible if we all had our version of ramen. 

Could you imagine? Wow. 



Empowering High Achievers to Find True Success

What if Magic Were Real

Why do people like Harry Potter so much? Or Lord of the Rings? Or any book on fantasy and magic?

Is it because it's escapism from this world that we live in? Could be.

Or is it more.

Is there some part of us that knows there are certain truths to these books?

Something deeper. Something real. 

Day dreamer! Unrealistic! Head in the clouds! Yes, society shames these parts. It's practically a sin!

But, deep down we know certain truths about life. Certain secrets that are too wild to say out loud.

We all have them. They're there. And you can either choose to listen to them. Or you can ignore them. 

How about today we try an experiment. See what fantastical truth is in there. One that you're too embarrassed to admit. And live it. Just for today. What is yours?

Choosing to be in your power on command.
Believing in magic.
Knowing how to manifest.
Loving boldly.
Enjoying every single thing you see.
Creating a dream job purely from your imagination.
Just doing that one thing you've been afraid to do.
Connecting to a divine part of yourself.
Being raw and vulnerable. 
Asking for help and getting it.
Releasing all the internal anxiety, just because. 

Find the whisper of magic that is dying for you to believe. And live it. Just for today. 

You may start to enjoy it. 



P.S.  Last few days of tickets for Holi Festival. I'm leading a Primal Awakening ritual at it. Should be wild to let go, get covered in paint and roar.  Check it out. And Get 30% off if you use the code Bryce30.  

Believing in the Impossible

It's funny, believing in the Impossible. (Capital "I" means it's connected to inner Truth.)

What a ridiculous concept. 

It's like paying more for organic food or water without pollutants. 

These things, when untouched by humans, are pure. It is only when we ADD to them do we start to alter their natural state. Food should be organic and water clean. 

The Impossible is no different. The Impossible should be natural. Our default state.

But, somewhere along the line, Impossible became impossible. We started adding things to it. Conditions. Rules. Beliefs. Societal norms.

We started closing our eyes and hiding behind comfort.  

And yet. Impossible is always there. It is always ready for us to engage. It is ready for us to own a part of ourselves we've shut off. 

People do it all the time. Normal people. They do the Impossible. 

4 questions to ask yourself if you are ready to find your Impossible:

1. What do you truly WANT?
2. How do YOU want to get it?
3. Who is going to HELP you?
4. When do you BEGIN?

Start believing in the Impossible again. It's merely a shift in mindset. An opening in the heart. And a whole lot of support from this wacky world. 



Dive Deeper

P.S. Last few days of tix for the Holi Festival. It's going to be a festival of color. Come and awaken this saturday to amazing dances, paint splash, and more.  Use "Bryce30" to get 30% off tix.  

"We Go Higher"

When my wife and I were in Iceland, we climbed up to this waterfall on the side of a mountain. We followed a tiny path that stopped half way. We continued.

As we got closer, the waterfall pounded down on the rocks below. I knew why the path stopped. It wasn't safe. We were getting soaked. No one was up there. No one should have been up there. 

But something called us to go higher. 

So we did. We started the insane climb up. By now we were drenched to the core. Slipping. Muddy. Freezing. We were clutching onto rocks. We looked down at the valley below, falling was not an option.

But something called us to go higher. 

It was me who decided to be the voice of reason. We needed to stop. Going further wasn't worth it. I was afraid.

Bridget turned to me, shaken by her own fear and just stared at me.

Her piercing green eyes engaging something deeper within.

She just stared.

And then she said,

We go higher. 

Silence. I knew. I knew we had to go higher. I simply knew. 

And so we did. 

We succeeded.

When we got to the top we screamed at the top of our lungs.

It was ours.

I will always remember that moment. It was knowing. Truth. Certitude.  

These moments don't have to be on the side of a mountain. They don't have to be life or death. But they do have to push you. 

They have to break through a fear that may keep you from stepping into greatness. 

Do not dismiss those moments. Catch them as if your life depended on it.

And then...

Go Higher. 



PS. Announcement: All New Yorkers, March 3rd, there is an incredible Holi Festival taking place. Dress in whites and leave as an explosion of color. I'll be leading a Primal Awakening right before the paint party. Sign up here for early bird tix.

Transcend the Norms

A client that I worked with a while ago just sent me this poem. She thought I may like it. I didn't.

I damn right loved it. 

It's like she secretly sat in a business meeting I was in, trying to explain my my mission statement. This is it.

If there was ever any doubt of how I feel about life and how to live it, this poem is it. Happy Friday. 

Transcend the norms.
Test the Black:
Swim the darkness until perfect vision alights.
Drag the club foot until you dance to its rhythm.
Scream outside the margins until hysteria feels safe.
Pound your chest ‘til the bruises emerge, let the colors ooze out in their own time. 
Paint with them.
Let the swollen eyes, now bloody from holding back so long see Truth.

By Kate Grimes



Hear it calling you

We were tossed together and thrown in our mother's womb. 

We came out, disoriented into this world. 

We were clothed, fed, and sheltered. 

We were raised, educated, and graduated.

And then, after many years, we were on our own. 

We had our job. "Our life." 

Ohh but was it ours? 

A lot of my clients have gone through the steps above. They have "succeeded." And now, having it all, for the first time ever, they realize that it's wrong. 

It's not them. It does not fit. 

But why? They followed the steps. The rules.

Well, that's the problem. It was always someone else's rules. Steps. 

And it is at this realization where the friction, the discontent of life begins. 

And it is at this moment that everything can change. Hear it. Live it. 

Many ignore it. And they turn out fine. 

But fine is unacceptable to me. I hate fine. I want me. I want my success. And I want it for my clients. 

It's scary to want it. But it is your human right. It is your responsibility. 

If you are ready to take that step, know that I am here. This is what I do. 

Either way, it is your choice to find your way to live. And when you decide, things tend to support you in ways you could have never imagined. 

It's magic. Truly. 



Empowering High Achievers to Find True Success

The Secret Door to Transformation

I realize there is this point in one's life where something happens and our magic is killed off. 

Where a certain passion for life and freedom in creativity is crushed. 

Normally it's a certain point in childhood. "Before X event, I was free, happy, open. I loved creating and believed in magic. I swear I could even do Y."

This period is extremely important to begin to remember. Because it is at this moment that a very truthful guidepost of who you are and what you are capable of exists. 

It's incredible to think that we as children, held the secret to our futures the entire time. 

If you are struggling in life. High levels of anxiety. Confusion. Overall blah. Go back to a time and remember. Remember you. And then feel it. Feel what you felt like when you were You. 

That's the secret door to any transformation. 

And funny enough, it's been in you the whole time. 



Empowering High Achievers to Find True Success

The Secret Beast Inside

Many moons ago, we humans wandered the earth in search of food and shelter. 

We slept outdoors. We killed with our bare hands. And we lived off the land. 

The sun and the moon, our gods. The stars, our navigator. And instinct, our weapon. 

We were beasts. If we had fire we were lucky. If we survived the night, we were lucky. But we were free. It was our life and ours for the taking. 

In each and everyone of us, this still exists. The divine beast. 

We forget about this beast. Society wants us to. It wants us to be afraid, complacent, judgmental, numb. 

Oh but here we are. You are reading this. Something inside remembers. 

It remembers the beast. The moon and the stars. The land. The sun. 

When this beast begins to live again, magic happens. Complacency falls away. Numbness is no longer acceptable. Living another person's life is insane. 

So, I pose two questions to you:

Are you living your beast?

and if not, 

What would it look like if you did?



P.S. Announcement: All New Yorkers, March 3rd, there is an incredible Holi Festival taking place. Dress in whites and leave as an explosion of color. I'll be leading a Primal Awakening right before the paint party. Sign up here for early bird tix.

Dive Deeper

Sausage after 8pm is a bad idea.

Announcement: All New Yorkers, March 3rd, there is an incredible Holi Festival taking place. Dress in whites and leave as an explosion of color. I'll be leading a Primal Awakening right before the paint party. Sign up here for early bird tix.

Moving on.

I write an email everyday during the week. Everyday. Somedays they flow naturally. Others, it's like pulling teeth. 

Some great. Some awful. 

Some short and to the point.

Some long and rambling and nonsensical and ambiguous and I had pizza the other night with sausage and slept poorly after that and I should know not to eat pizza with sausage after 8pm because....oh, pardon.

But the one thing this daily email is not, is a chore. Nor is it a "have to." 

This is my joy. My canvas. My opera. 

I get to share a lifetime of learning with you in hopes that it expedites any suffering in your own life.

That it will inspire you to fight for you and own the hell out of this time.

That it will allow you to open to the massive feelings underneath that shell.

That it will get you to see your damn magic.

It's a simple email. Daily. But it's all mine. 

Find that version of your daily email. Find that thing that gets your creative juices flowing. And share it. Even if only to your cat. Share it. 

We all have a gift waiting to come alive. Begging to breathe!

What's yours? 



Dive Deeper