An important lesson from Active Shooter Training

I recently took an "Active Shooter" workshop in my Krav Maga martial arts class. 

It was intense to say the least. 

There were two main points to this class. 1. See how you instinctually react to someone shooting in close proximity. 2. What the right thing to do in that situation was. 


1. I froze. Caught completely off guard. I had all these macho reactions in my head. Did none of them. 
2. Run, Hide, or Fight. Only 3 options. Do it full out.

Depending on where the shooter is, you choose one of those three things. I'm not going to get into the logistics of when to use which, but here is a good resource to start

However, I do want to share something that really struck me.

During the workshop, the instructor wanted us to treat it as if it were REAL. Mentally and physically. No half-assing it. 

At one point during the training, gun comes out, out of the 3 options, hiding was the best. And so I hid with a bunch of other people. It was the "right" thing to do. However, we were "wrong."

The teacher came to our hiding spot and asked us why we didn't go down the stairs. Why we didn't use the elevator next to us. Why we didn't grab any objects to defend ourselves. Why we didn't call 911. Why?!

Our answer? "It was a workshop." "It wasn't real." "We weren't thinking."

His answer? "Then you're dead."

Why? He said that by going half-assed, not going 100%, not going full on, life or death, even in this class, we were systematically training our bodies and mind to give up. To not fight for our lives. To react in the same passive way when and if it really did happen.

For him, there was no middle ground. It was life or death. And either we trained ourselves now, or we wait to die. 

How we do anything is how we do everything. 

It hit home. Shook me a bit. And I started asking myself where do I show up like this in other areas of life? 

Where I wait for the "training" to be over. Where I wait for it to be "real."

It revealed a lot. 

It's something worth reflecting on in life. Maybe you give it 100%, maybe you don't. 

But waiting will lead to death. That is certain.



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Retraining is the key to success.

Retraining ourselves is strength. 

We are trained in school. At work. By friends. Family. Society. Race. Gender. 

A training. Always happening. But, there comes a time where we want to take a step back and ask if this training is useful anymore.

Do these systems still work? Thought processes create growth? Are we expanding or stagnant? 

If the answer is NO to any of these, we are offered a chance to reflect on why it's not working.  

Maybe we've outgrown it. Maybe they never worked in the first place. Maybe they were for someone else and we adopted them. 

Maybe we never stopped to ask ourselves if we wanted trained in the first place. 

So the real questions are, what do we want and how do we want to live?

That’s step 1 in retraining. Good luck.


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#1 Rule In Keeping Resolutions

I've received a lot of emails about New Year's resolutions and how to keep them.

So I want to share my number one rule to keeping resolutions. 


Make it a habit and you will have a much greater level of success in keeping it. 

And when I say habit, I'm talking about something that comes so naturally that you don't even need to think about it. 

So this means, in developing said habit, we are not looking for results. We are not comparing. We are not analyzing. We are simply doing the thing over, and over, and over again. Showing up every single time. 

Some keys to helping this stick is:

1. Make it small. Do it in a the most easily attainable time and size. Working out? 20 minutes? 15 minutes? 4 times a week? 3? Whatever is actually doable, do that. And repeat. 

2. Want it. Actually want to do it. Don't do it because you hate something about yourself. But do it because you want to grow. Because you want change. 

3. Fight for it. The day that you want to quit is the day you must continue on. THAT IS THE MOST CRUCIAL DAY. The one day where you have rationalized every conceivable reason not to do it, do it then. 

Again, we want this habit to be instinctual. Just like peeing, breathing, and checking email. 

Build the habit. Build your life.  (Oh, I like that).


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Claim the New Year!

The great fiery hope of the New Year brings with it a chance to begin again. Many say this day is like any other. That it means nothing and most people will revert back to their old ways within a few weeks.


But why not fucking try? Why not keep showing up? Why not put it all on the line? 

Claim what we want? Demand better for and from ourselves? 

Will we trip up? Of course we will. We are human. We were designed to trip up and to learn. 

We are not machines. We are not perfect. We are inherently flawed...which may be perfection. 

Be audacious. Be bold. 



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The question for 2019 is...WHY?

Why have a body that needs sleep? 
That needs to feed? 
Release waste?
That regenerates nails and hair (some of the time)?
That walks on two legs?
Sees with two eyes? 
Has 10 fingers and toes?
33 vertebrae? 
That ages? 
That breathes?
That leaks out of it's eyes?

There are scientific reasonings for all of these. Why they function the way they do. The intricacies of each role in relation to the totality of the whole.

But Why? Why this shape? These functions? These limitations? 

If we begin to ask these types of questions, there most likely will be no answer or at least one we may not want to see. We can only go so far with the question, Why. 

Why is frightening. Why is confronting. Why is heresy. Why is profound. Why is responsible. Why is depth. 

When we begin to ask, Why, we begin to start to see the limitations we may accept blindly. The ones that we never thought to challenge. We never thought to agree or disagree with. 

There are layers upon layers of protections and machinations to keep us from asking the all important question, WHY. 

Because at the end of the day, Why is power. Why is choice. Why is limitless. 

Why is freedom. 

So, for 2019, maybe the word we can ask ourselves is Why.

Down the rabbit hole of freedom we go. 


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