Rules need broken

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Rules of Life: 

Rules have a purpose. They are intentional. Some are to stay safe. Some are not to hurt others. Some help us navigate the pathways of life. And some create order in a world of chaos. 

And then there are other ones. Ones that are meant to imprison. Rules that have absolutely no meaning whatsoever. They are simply meant for us to remain small and trapped. 

Now, I would list what these rules are but here's the pisser, they are pretty damn individual. They are quite specific to the person. And we all have them. No one is immune. 

I'm not saying they are all bad but the key is to begin to notice the ones that serve no other purpose other than blocking us from getting what we want. Going after things. Being the person we are meant to be. 

Sometimes the rules need broken.

And then we can create our own.



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