Men, it is time.

A new Blog For Men.

I am starting a new blog for men that will dive headfirst into what it means to BE a man. 

What success looks like and acknowledge the parts that want it. 

How to surrender to the bigger parts of yourself.

When to admit we are tired, scared, lost, numb, insecure. 

How to admit we have rage. That we are primal sexual beasts that have fire in us. That want to be loud. Roar. Fight. 

How to embrace the soft. The vulnerable. The opening. The loving. The caring. The gentle. 

How to engage the feminine energy and why it is not weak but a strength to own. To stand up in.

Where we behave like the "nice guy, the good boy, the angel son." And how it ain't working anymore. 

And lastly, how to be POWERFUL and WHOLE MEN. 

Any men on this blog, please join. Would love to have you! Plus there is a free meditation to download when you sign up. 

Please forward this on to any man you know
. This is open to EVERYONE. No one is excluded. But I will be speaking to men directly. 

It is my truest hope to get a dialogue started where there hasn't been one before.

Thank you very much for the help in getting the word out. 



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