Enlightenment through Cinnabon

If I could:

I would eat white shitty Wonder bread everyday. 

I would drink Guinness by the pint. 

I would have Cinnabon delivered hourly. 

I would watch action movies in 24 hour blocks. 

I would lay in my pajamas on my couch for weeks at a time. 

I would weigh 500 pounds and have a scooter. 

I would let my beard shelter animals. 

I would indulge in the self-destruction of myself. 

And I would love it. 

Because those wants exist in me. They are there. Always in the background. Waiting. Whispering. Watching.

Now, how do I beat them? 

Very carefully.

And it's with this, having something you more than those pulls. Something that you're fanatical about. 

I want freedom. I want clarity. I want power. I want high states of consciousness. 

And that's the tradeoff. 

When you find that something that overpowers all the other pulls, then you know you've found that thing worth fighting for. Worth dropping the things that don't truly feed your soul.

If you are having trouble with these pulls in life, don't focus on getting rid of them, focus on what's even more important to you than the pull. Something that ignites your soul. Where you couldn't fathom letting a daily binge habit of Domino's Hawaiian pan style pizza keep you from achieving what you want. 

It's when the wanting and the why are so crystal clear that you become unstoppable. 

You are unstoppable. 



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