Neil Gaiman and his writing

Have you ever heard the author Neil Gaiman speak? Or read one of his books like, The Graveyard Book?

It's magical. In fact, I just listened to him being interviewed on a podcast and the magic was no different. 

It was like being enveloped in the finest velvet and whisked away to a time that doesn't quite exist in the past, present, or future. It's everywhen and nowhen. 

What I loved about this particular interview was the detail Neil went into about his love of his fountain pen. The way it feels on certain types of paper. How it creates a different style of writing. The need to find your own, that speaks to you. How he visits the NY Fountain Pen Hospital when buying for friends as well as tries out new ones himself. 

Writing the formulaic way that we often read about, falls away and the art comes to life. The art of writing, yes.

But the art of life. The enjoyment. The awareness. The indulgence. 

The love for the love of it. 

There was something comforting in it. Something that made loving for the pure purpose of loving, ok. 

It didn't have to be loud, fast, new, shiny, cutting edge, a disruptor, an influencer. It simply was loved and enjoyed for the sake of being loved and enjoyed. 

I for one can use more of that in my life. Like breathing each breath and tasting a billion years of history.



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