A 5,000 year old perspective.

Perspective is important. 

One that refreshes. Renews. That reinvigorates. 

Currently my wife and I are traveling through Ireland visiting ancient ruins. Some up to 5,000 years old. Where people with primitive tools, carried stones hundreds of miles for one temple. 

It has given me a fresh perspective. It realigns the bullshit in my head. 

To see what people are capable of. How they pushed beyond all levels of comfort to create something that lasted thousands upon thousands of years. 

It gave me perspective as to the small and trivial I toil over. The minutiae. Something that won't last but a second. Something that has no impact whatsoever. Something that may be part of a social construct that I simply bought into. 

I mean, damn. How wild is that? To have such amnesia of the potential of humankind. Of myself.

But, alas, perspective. 

It took me going to Ireland to remember. 

Not everyone is as thickheaded as me. Most can simply take a walk. A breath of fresh air. A good night out. Visiting family...to remember...that perspective...

Of anything being possible. 

If you are stuck, find a new perspective and begin again.



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