The meditation that actually transforms lives

I meditate. 
Meditation is good. 
Science has backed meditation. 
It's been going on since the birth of humans.
There is something to it. 
Something deep and profound that can change lives. Legit. 

There are shitty meditations. There are ones that work part of the way. Others that are a bandaid. Others that are just weird. And still a few that will only work if you are a monk in the middle of Tibet.

But there is only one that worked for me. It's called Awakening the Third Eye. And it worked. Plain and simple. 

It comes twice a year. This one is April 27-28th in NYC. The other won't be until November. 

If you are looking for more of YOU in your life, I would come. If you are looking for more joy, I would come. If you are looking to actually have a practice work, I would come. 

There's not too many spots left. Trust me, I don't recommend it unless it transforms life. This did. 

Register here and feel free to ask me any questions. 



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