Choosing the New Norm?

The New Norm. 

What is it for you? 

Better diet? Working out more? More time with friends? More "me" time? More TIME!?


Unhealthy food? Not working out? Less time with friends? No "me" time? No time at all?

The New Norm is a tricky bastard because like everything, it can work to support or destroy us. 

It's slow. It's not sexy. It takes time to establish itself. But when it does, you better damn believe that it's there. And it is difficult to move. 

Again, for better or for worse. 

A workout habit that you've spent 2 years perfecting and integrating into your life so it becomes a part of your life, that ain't going away any time soon. 


Staying late at work over the last two years where you've accepted that as your new reality. 5pm, 6pm, 7pm. One weekend a month. Two weekends a month. And now maybe, just maybe Sunday afternoon and night are free. How did it happen? When? Where? 

The New Norm. 

It should be celebrated in some instances and examined in others. 

Awareness is the key. 

Don't simply accept the New Norm, choose it!



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