The Possibility Window

The windows of life are there to catapult us forward in ways that we wouldn't normally be able to do on our own. 

They open as a way to jump forward. 

There is a momentum. A trajectory. 

A big break. The a-ha. The recognition. Possibilities once closed are now open. 

That brief moment of time where anything is possible. Where we can see 5 steps ahead. 

Sometimes we miss them. Sometimes we opt out. Sometimes we simply don't want to look. 

These windows mean growth. They mean stepping up. They mean choosing. 

They can be terrifying. They can be brutal. They can be enlightening. 

But here's the thing, we don't want to miss them simply because we were unconscious of the window in the first place. 

Because we didn't put the work in beforehand to even see that there was an option. 

That to me is devastating. 

To find out that I didn't even know. That I didn't even have a choice. 

Ah but that's life. And we will grow. And we will open our eyes. And we will choose what we need to choose. 

The key is simply to be conscious in the first place. 

Happy Friday Night!



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