Past mistakes...

I've made a few mistakes in my life. 

A few. 

But the biggest ones were always when I decided to go against my gut. 

I followed something else. Could be a fear. An obligation. Guilt. Animal desires. All kinds of good stuff. 

And what would often happen is that I would find myself in quite a predicament. Backed in a corner. A major error on my part. The pain! The suffering! The drama!

All because I decided to follow something else other than myself. 

And I'm sure I will do it about a million more times. 

That said, awareness is the key. What is triggering? What does it feel like? How will I act? Why am I doing this? What pattern am I seeing? 

Having it all mapped out at least gives me the CHOICE to make the bad decision from a conscious place as opposed to an unconscious place. 

And with that, there's power. 



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